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Thread: Unable to delete NEV:3 Hyperbotics Quest

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    Unable to delete NEV:3 Hyperbotics Quest

    I got the NEV:3 Quest on the day of her release, played her once, didn't like her and then tried to remove the quest. Initially it didn't delete so I tried relogging and since then I've tried to delete the quest multiple times a day but it never works. I press all the prompts given to remove it but it simply stays there.
    At first I thought this was because, since she had just been released, she had a special event. However, now that she is no longer in the free rotation, the quest still won't go so I'm stuck with it until I either buy her or wait for her to come into rotation again. And I don't want to buy her.
    Is this a problem only I'm having or have other people had the same or similar problems before?
    In either case, does anyone know how to fix the issue?

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    I'd love to be able to take it off your hands. I played her on release day, and have yet to have her come up in the daily mish rotation. She's the only one left I really care about unlocking the skin for. Not quark, or nix, or the others that have already come up in the daily rotation umpteen times already.

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    If I could swap for Nix I would happily do it. NEV:3 is basically the only person that I've tried so far that I haven't liked.

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