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    Auto Follow

    Why is auto follow a thing? Right clicking someone until they burn flash or dodge is such a stupid game mechanic.... requires no skill and there is very little risk especially with tank characters. It happens almost every game. When I started playing I had no idea about auto follow and was wondering how these guys could predict my movements. After finding out you can just brainlessly right click them to follow kind of ruined the game for me. It's always been a complaint of mine and I've been playing for awhile but I just want to know whats the logic behind it. Why implement such a dumb mechanic, I get it if you can follow your team but following the enemy is pretty much like hacking. By that I mean you know where your opponent will move to regardless and it takes no skill to right click someone until they have no more escape.

    It seems more logical for your everyone to try and out maneuver each other not just dash in with a high hp lancer and chase you down 24/7 but whatever it's a cheap mechanic and people love the easy way out. I wish there was a "no follow mode" I bet nobody would play just because they rely on it so fkin much.

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    Hardly any good player autofollows because it means you just get wrecked, if someone auto-following you gets to do it safely every round you're at fault for playing badly around it, you can easily move to a position where they will be out of cover and punishable by your entire team.

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    "Why is __X__ a thing? __X__ until I'm forced to __Y__ is dumb. __X__ requires no skill and little risk. __X__ happens all the time. Brainless. __X__ ruins the game. __X__ is a dumb mechanic and basically legalized hacking. Seems better to __Anything__. __X__ is cheap.

    Friggin sick of __X__.
    Roll back the server to when __X__ didn't exist."

    It's quite rare check off half the pisses-me-off-checklist in one post, congratulations.
    If you sincerely feel so strongly about it, I invite you to use it, in a ranked game, and bring the screenshots back when you climb a tier.

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    If you realize someone is brainlessly autofollowing, then you are in control of their movements. You know exactly where they will go and where they will end up. You will get to every powerup first. You can leave them out of cover and surrounded by your team. Walk them through traps. And if none of those are options, then you can teleport out of vision and leave them out of the fight because they'll just stand still with nothing to autofollow.

    So much of this game is about predicting your enemy. Whenever the enemy does something that makes them more predictable for you, it's a huge advantage for you.

    If an enemy does something that feels overpowered to you, then I suggest you play it. You will find people that know how to counterplay it. Once you figure out how they are counterplaying you, then you will have gained enlightenment.

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    As Hossy said, good players rarely autofollow because it is highly punishable by other good players. There are a few situations where autofollowing is a useful move (such as when it can guarantee a kill confirm), but you'll find that against stronger competition it's quite situational and far from the "brainless" action the OP describes it as.

    If autofollows are wrecking you (instead of the person following you), then the problem is that you haven't learned to play the game well yet, not that the mechanic is "cheap."

    Quote Originally Posted by Kujo View Post
    If an enemy does something that feels overpowered to you, then I suggest you play it. You will find people that know how to counterplay it. Once you figure out how they are counterplaying you, then you will have gained enlightenment.
    This is good advice for the OP. Try autofollowing people all day and watch how they destroy you, and then you will know how to destroy those who autofollow you.

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    I'm not talking about auto follow on squishy champs... no **** you will "get out played". I clearly said on beefy frontliners with a support healing them. You guys keep saying "try it out against good players, you will learn". I used the same method I'm *****ing about to win 9-1 of my ranked games the loss I got was when I got chased down by a titus the whole game and then I switched to the cheese. It's not just about auto-following the WHOLE time it's the fact that you are able to do it in the first place. I just don't get why it's there in the game at all if "its so bad" like you guys say lmfao.

    My method was if the person I was chasing was going to dash I would not attack and auto follow the person next to them... boom they dash and im in the face of the person healing them. Now I'm able to force a dash out of the healer and you just repeat that, mixed with focus fire and healing throughout and it's an easy game. (And most frontline lancers have a dash so if I'm in a bad spot I usually dash to another enemy or my team unless they have traps like nix and lockwood or one of those lockdown attacks like nev and juno)

    I don't get wrecked by it lmfao I just see it for what it is and it's a cheap mechanic to lock down a target with no dashes. I just want to know why it's in the game and you guys still haven't answered that... I don't see how auto-following a person with no dashes left who is separated from their team takes any skill or has a positive impact on gameplay except for the person who is following. Most of the time when you get towards the end of most games there will be a few people with no dashes and most of the time they get chased down and punished.

    I never said "Oh man I hate this mechanic because I just don't know how to outplay it geez man I wish I could get better at this game". It's clearly going to stay in the game but I just don't like the mechanic for what it is. This is just a bored rant post questioning a game mechanic. You guys don't seem to understand and that's okay

    Also to the guy who said "I invite you to use it, in a ranked game, and bring the screenshots back when you climb a tier." You got it lmfao... You act as if climbing in AR is hard LMFAO. I played against the rank 2 player in my promos and won. I can't imagine climbing will be difficult at all.

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    You listed some preconditions. You have
    a) exhausted the target's dashes
    b) separated them from their team
    c) chosen not to attack that turn
    d) vision on who you want to follow

    I would not count that as "brainless autofollow." In fact, I would say you have demonstrated skill (or the target's lack of skill) in creating that setup. Sorry for misinterpreting your original question.

    As a game mechanic, auto-follow has some strengths (don't need to know which way your target is going to go) and some weaknesses (you move after they do, they can control where you end up or strand you by dropping vision.) So it seems to me to be like every other mechanic: strong when played well and weak when not.

    As to why it exists, I speculate it's to buff melee a little bit.

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    Withough auto-follow front liners would be so useless at closing out games with their team. The reason it exists is to allow players to put pressure on the dashing players where need be.
    You say it's easy because you predict the dash of the fp and then get to chase the support, but against thougher opposition people will have betetr team comps either ccing you or allowing the fp to stay and get an extra damage turn on you. Basically what I'm guessing is you're winnign some mind games atm, but this won't always be the case. The autofollow somewhat helps the Fl's not get destroyed by a single outpl;ay like this.

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