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Thread: love the new lancer border colors for levels

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    love the new lancer border colors for levels

    just taking a min to say i really like the new lancer border colors based on what levels they are. if would be great if they would also show up at end of match but nice little added touch to show off lancer progression. Now i can prove that my pha actually is the level she is without a doubt.

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    What are the colors and for what levels?

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    • Lancer lvl 10 - Silver Border.
    • Lancer lvl 20 - Gold Border
    • Lancer lvl 40 - Purple Border.
    • Lancer lvl 60 - Red Border.
    • Lancer lvl 80 - Diamond Border.
    • Lancer lvl 100 - Rainbow Animated Border.

    Source: Patchnotes

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