PTS Patch Notes
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New Freelancer: NEV:3!
  • NEV:3, The Kitten Kaboomer pounces into the fray!
  • She is a Catarang-tossing acrocat with a flexible range and a bubbly purrsonality.
  • Her Catarangs do damage going out and when they return to her the next turn.
  • Her Superstar – Nyan! and Catatronic – Cheetah skins will be available for real money purchases.
  • Her Hyperbotics daily quest is now available.
  • She will not be available for ranked for 2 weeks.

Chapter 3: Survival of the Fittest
  • Learn the origins of NEV:3!
  • Any queued gametype is now valid for completing quests.
  • Earn a Khita “Phew” overcon, just for logging in!

Celeste Infiltrator skin
  • The Celeste Infiltrator skins are now available for ISO.
  • Celeste Infiltrator master skin is available as well.

  • All freelancers now have an additional Achievement, this time for their #2 ability.

Korean language support: BETA
  • You can now select Korean as a language in the Options. This is still in Beta.

  • Holding alt while targeting an ability now shows all squares that will be affected by that ability.
  • All Freelancer specific loot matrices now give GG Boosts and ISO in addition to an item for the freelancer.
  • Meridian energy bar now correctly says Ult when he can use his ultimate.
  • Chronosurge catalyst should use caster's current positon after dash for hitting enemies.
  • Asha Asana skin will be available starting on July 19.
  • Merdian Flux price has been reduced to 50,000.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes made the volume still sound loud even at low volume settings.
  • Hitting Flux Capacity 100% now has more rewards than it did previously.
  • Freelancers now have their birthdays listed in their bios.

  • Zuki - Missile Barrage damage lowered from 45 to 42.
  • Tol-Ren - Twin Slash individual hit damage increased from 24 to 26.
  • Asana - Whirling Blade damage increased from 22 to 24
  • Asana - Swordmaster Mod - damage reduced from 3 to 2.
  • Meridian - Reforge maximum healing reduced from 35 to 32.
  • Su-Ren - Martial Master damage increased by 2 to both attacks.
  • Quark - Gamma Ray initial and tether damage increased by 2
  • Quark - Anti-Matter Mod damage reduced from 8 to 6.
  • Quark - Atomic Bond initial and tether healing increased by 2
  • Quark - Radiate effectiveness reduced from 10 to 6. Works on both tethered targets baseline.
  • Quark - Atomic Power mod - Cost reduced from 3 to 1. Quark gains 4 shields on use.
  • Quark - Robust Radiate - If tethered to both an ally and enemy, your ally gains unstoppable until end of turn.