Hello. Here is LEGION346, member of team F.U.N and I want to talk and discuss the Atlas Restore balance which most of the players know, is really off. Some lancers are basically auto ban / pick (I'm looking at you Zuki) and some nearly do not exist or there are mods that are problematic. I do not take into account win rates for casuals and ranked games because of the huge variety of players' skills which can affect the charts. Ratios means nothing most of the time. Lancers order is random. Except first. Let's begin with:


Zuki at the moment is first pick / ban because of her kit and removal of turtle tech few patches ago. Her primary, mainly ability to ignore the cover, while dealing more damage than any other lancer seems to be a bit unfair. 7,5 range allows Zuki to hit most of them out of their range (there are a few exceptions). You don't need to even directly hit someone to deal good amount of damage. Just hit the spot near them. What I hope to see changed about Zuki's primary:
Decrease range by 0,5.
or / and
Make her primary deal AoE damage ONLY if you hit someone or wall not a blind spot on the map. Walls and cover will mean something while facing Zuki.


Elle. My lovely Elle. All she needs is just roll changes and some drone upgrades. That's all. 1 square roll is pathetic and can't really save you in most of the games and her drone is a joke when compared to other traps. Let's start with a roll.
It needs to be 2 square roll. It will allow Elle to somehow be able to avoid being hit and get into nearby cover. With this change, 3 stocks of roll mod needs to have added "increase cooldown to regenerate roll by 1" or removed / replaced. Why not experiment with it. Maybe players will like it.
Now her drone.
Make her drone ignore cover without the mod. Just that. Make it somehow comparable to other traps.
That all. Elle needs some love. Not only she of course but I really want to see Elle be good.


I have only 1 complaint about Helio. Mighty shield. This needs to be removed. Mighty shields are too good to not use them, especially in double support comps that are really popular. Quark can also give might but it decreases its healing output. Finn can also give might with his healing spray, but at least this ability has mods that make it not the best. Same case with Aurora's paralyzer. Mighty shields are nah.


I said at the beginning that I will not take win rates into account, but in this case, I need to use them. Oz has high win rate, yes, but only because unorganized teams can't deal with him because of lack of communication. Players who at least know what to do will exploit Oz weaknesses turning him into a punching bag. His nerfs in previous patches were not really helpful. There are other launchers that need needs more balance changes than him, yet are untouched. I thought a bit about what to do with Oz, what can be changed, etc. and the only thing that came to my mind was to decrease cooldown on his dash by 1 to give him more opportunities to avoid being hit. Or reverse some nerfs. Or change his way of aiming to be more player friendly.


Frontliner and firepower combination is not really working. Juno and Elle are too vulnerable to slows, roots and any sort of trap making them first target. Juno has a harder time because once she was trapped, she is done. Her shield won't save her from dying. Even if support will do his or her best to save Juno, other teammates are left without any help. Her ultimate is great to deal damage, but it makes her even easier target and essentially tells her opponents: "Hey, put traps on me, shoot me".


Once there was energy Nix that was simply broken and annoying to play against but then nerfs came and removed that. New mods were added, but didn't help. Once Nix is found he is done for. The worst moment for the player is when he is found by a blind dash or just by luck of others who shot blindly. Don't misunderstand me. Nix can be great, can be played with great success, but there is a question: "What Nix can do better than other top FP?". He has only range. Zuki and Lockwood with bounce have range. Celeste can steal buffs. Grey can reveal. And they are safer than Nix. Maybe what I will suggest is too much, but why not simply try and test it? Maybe it will be good and if not, remove. So... Give Nix unstoppable on his invisibility or on his ultimate as a base. Just the turn it's used. Sounds too good, maybe, but as I said. Why not test it? Go a little bit crazy.


I miss his "broken" alpha status. The only time when Garrison was good. After few nerfs, he was dragged into trash tier and stays there until now. There are few problems with Garrison.
First, his primary is awful. Remove damage reduction on it. The player shouldn't be punished for hitting multiple targets. Why Titus, Rask, Asana, Phaedra or Rampart are not punished? Why? Simple why? It is such a short range attack that hitting 2 players is really rare. Damage reduction shouldn't be a thing.
Garrison ranged attack. 20 damage that can be reduced by cover and slow, really? Rampart has pull which is a really great disruption tool, Titus has 25 damage dagger that reveals and it can also slow. Rusk has throw. Asana has root. I can keep going, but let's come back to Garrison. Make it 25 ( at least ) damage to make up for being weak when compared to other Frontliners ranged abilities.
His rockets. Free action. Conditional 0 damage that can go up to 30. At least let it give Garrison some shield as a base ability feature. It will help him survive more when his dash is down.
And now dash. First, remove root mod or Remove increase CD on it. Garrison already has a hard time surviving. Garrison dash is meant to be engage tool, but that is the problem. Once he engaged, he is vulnerable to basically everything. Titus dash is also meant to engage but Titus gets CD reduction allowing him to escape later. Garrison on the other hand is stuck in the middle of enemy team.
Only his ultimate, after many changes is finally in a good spot. At least 1 good thing.


The same case as with Garrison. Damage reduction on her primary needs to go. It is simply stupid to punish players for hitting multiple targets. Bryn primary targetter is so awful that hitting multiple targets is already hard enough.
Her shield throws and multiple targets mod. Why she can't knock multiple targets? Why not remove the damage on the second bounce making it a simple CC tool. Other frontiers can CC multiple enemies. Asana can root 2 players, Rask can throw 4 (Why is it even a thing in a first place?), Rampart can pull 2 so why Brynn can't knock back 2 targets?


Removal of Turtle Tech and Brain Juice nerf weakend Asana making her slightly less powerful. I thought about simply increasing her health pull by 10 or 15 to make up for the nerfs.

I think that is all I wanted to mention, discuss and talk about. I really want to see all lancers about to get some nerfs and buffs to help the game stay relatively balanced.
Thanks for reading it and if you disagree with me or have other ideas, say it. Discussions are always good, as long as no one acts impropriety.