Hey I am a member of Russian community, and I has question of Russian translation.
1) Can I join to translate team? I really like atlas reactor. But Russian translate has too many misprint and mistake. And I just can’t play which it. So, I want to make its better.
2) Better print on Russian or English? Just you, Kish, talk on English.
Anyway now I repositioning there mistakes that I can found.
1) "Probe" translated as "зонт", not as "зонд". For English it’s "prope" or means "umbrella".
2) "Creator" translated as "создание"(right is "создатель"). "Создание" means "creation"... or "Homunculus".
3) gg-boosts translated as "усиления", and lose good game meme. Better translate is as gg-усиления.

After i found another mistake, i am send it there.