Name: Phill

Role: frontline

Phill transforms himself and the battlefield to suit his needs.

Primary (1) (Blast): "Assimilate"
Phill extends his arm, hitting the first enemy, getting a sample and dealing medium damage.
Next turn Phill's primary ability becomes that of the target hit.

2 (Dash): "Lurk in Darkness" medium cooldown
single spot
Phill moves to target location, and spreads himself out.
Phill will latch on to the first opponent who moves over the field, dealing medium/high damage and attaching himself.
At the end of the turn Phill will transform back, either at the target location or around the attached enemy.

3 (Prep): "Spores" short cooldown
Phill trows spores in a cone in front of him, hitting all enemies and power-ups.
Enemies effected by spores will recieve 50% less healing.
If an enemy picks up a spore infected power-up, they will revieve the reverse effect instead.
Spores last until the end of turn.

4 (Phase): "no clue yet"
type of targeter

Ult (Prep): "Transform"
Phill transforms into any freelancer in the current game that your team has vision off,
copying their abilities, mods, cooldowns and energy.
At the end of the next turn Phill transforms back to his original form, loses all energy and gains 50 if no ult of the target was used.
Phill can use free actions and an ability from the target the turn he transforms.

When the reactor resurects a person it first makes a quick mold of easily mutable material called fill to quicken the resurection process. Phil is this process gone wrong and was released during the holo-haunt as an uncompleted resurection.