These are my last few games.

See that one loss surrounded by wins? That was the one where I had (what I assume to be) a two-stack insulting me for half the game because I didn't play exactly the way they wanted me to. Here's a tip. If you can't admit when you make a mistake and just blame your team for everything you're not going to get better. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone. Even if you're right and that guy did actually make a mistake, he might be an ESL champion for all you know. Don't judge people and go full toxic jerk mode based on seeing someone play for one or two turns. And even if someone is actually bad at the game, tilting them will make them play worse, not better. Why not take the opportunity to teach them instead? I'm just sick of people who suck themselves going off on their team constantly. It's not going to make your team better, and more importantly it prevents you from getting better.