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Thread: What happened to prepphase.com?

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    What happened to prepphase.com?

    It's been down for days so I assume it's gone for good. What happened to it?

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    Damn, that's really sad to hear i was a huge fan of PPL when the game launched.
    My guess... ESL ruined them?
    At the the time, ESL seemed a good choice to get more publicity but in terms of organising tournaments, casting games, setting up rosters providing guides and builds and just having an overall nice and helpfull community nothing could top PPL.

    It seems only the website is down though?
    I feel like they deserved more credit from Trion for all the work they did.
    Prepare to be impressed

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    ESL did nothing really and just to give some background. PPL have received the most backing I have ever seen any fan run project in any Trion game in 6 years (money wise) so I also think it should not be taken for granted. You cannot force a league/tournament to grow by throwing prizes at it if the games population is not growing to support these decisions so it would be unfortunate to also not realize what PPL have gotten has also been quite generous.

    PPL is great and the community is fortunate it has stayed especially with the addition of Damage Inc Invitational.

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