Hello i can't locate the standard feedback thread for this so here i'll post it.

First of all hello i've been playing the game since the beta in the past year, and i love this game, with this said i'll start the post itself.

The Frontliners got a bit buffed since last patch but there is one or two that they let there without touching because they are "fine" where they are, my point here is they aren't and i will start the example with one of my favourites and long time main: Garrison.

Garrison has a very good kit, that allows him to poke from far away and allows him to chase enemies, the drawback starts on his melee attack, most of the "top tier" frontliner don't suffer this drawback the multi hitting dmg penalty basic attack except brynn, but we will talk about that later, garryson deals and standard of 26 dmg to the main target, wich is pretty good, and 18 to the rest of em, well this would be perfectly fine just by a little thing, if they are a bit crowded and u want to kill the specific "low" hp or focus or high dmg of the basic attack u may not be able to do so, his poke attack does decent dmg 20 and 12 to everyone behind the explosion aoe, wich this said 12 has become the "main" number of dmg of most of the "piercing" mods balancing such mods, but that attacks with piercing mods have 25 dmg base more or less.
His rocket barrage is usefull for energy farming, aswell to do little pokes but there is the thing it only happens on one turn, but yeah is a free action that deal little dmg and give u an small ammount of energy, would be nice that they removal his 2 turn mod and make it base as phaedra with her bugs, because Garrison doesn't have a big sustain of himself and the rockets are not much of a threat, can't hit invisible targets or enemies on bush, talking of little dmg, his basic attack, it could perfectly deal 26 to all enemies hit base and have no needs of a mod for that, just look at rask or asana, they deal more or the same dmg base, on a wider AoE and have more range in the case of Rask and doesn't have any drawbacks on dmg, besides asana has one mod that increase her dmg on 3 per target hit dealing 25 dmg to single 28 to 2 31 to 3 and 34 unmighted to all 4, wich gets a bit crazy well speaking of crazy rampart and Titus hit really hard now wich is lovely. (Not irony here im saying it seriusly) .

Brynn has an ok ammount of dmg mobility and dmg mitigation, but her multihitting dmg is a bit bad (for not saying alot) but the case of brynn is that she has tons of range to hit with her spear wich compensates on the dmg drawback, garry only has 2 tiles infront of him and dmg drawback, so what do you think?