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Thread: For the Marketing Dept: Some concerns about Forums Reddit & Official Blog.

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    For the Marketing Dept: Some concerns about Forums Reddit & Official Blog.

    I am updating Reddit & Discord this week, as I update I have to ask these questions as they matter to the updates I am making.

    - Why are categories so vague compared to other Trion forums?
    - Why doesn't this forum have an off topic?
    - Why is the Freelancer Concept Kit category an official category? Will someone get their concept in game?
    - Why are there little to no tease/hype posts here or anything posted by Developers of excitement?
    - Why are Steam sales etc not shared here seeing as Steam seems to be the place most tended?
    - Why are there no livestream question posts for every Friday livestream like other Trion games? (Encouraged it for Reddit including last Lore stream but I cannot take this on every week.)
    - Why is their no merchandise giveaways on forums or any contests created so people come to forums?
    This forum feels like an afterthought, a shell - an empty one BUT a vast majority of new players or possible new players check Forums Reddit & maybe Steam before really committing to get the vibe of the community I say maybe on Steam because I still use Glyph directly for all Trion games so on that one I am guessing. Maybe Facebook also but i'm guessing their again as I only use it so relatives know I'm still alive.

    However it looks bad when a games forums that's not even a year old since launch looks so inactive.


    We've had less than five posts from Trion on Reddit since its been open in September 2015 (Maybe even two but I'd have to go scroll for a while which I don't have time to do.) Thank you for any comments. I have made another account called Atlas Reactor to post news/patchnotes etc simply because no one else will. There is next to no toxicity on our Reddit so I'm not understanding the avoidance and yes I know I will get the "not enough time, so busy in so many other places" thoughts triggered BUT what will happen if I stop posting the news? I don't use Steam so miss out on sharing the great sales etc that go on their.

    Please check Trove and ArcheAge Reddit's staff interaction and why I share this concern.

    The one thing that goes out to every person that plays this game.

    - Why aren't there any insightful posts about Developers/Trion/Development so everyone can get to know them that maybe don't watch Twitch?
    - Why aren't the posts more exciting and frequent for Competitive scene like in Alpha/Beta?
    - Why has there no blog posts supporting the only League this game has now this Season?
    The Competitive scene needs some love and I think Trion would benefit with a post on how they are currently approaching this not just comments on a livestream so the concerns for those currently running/partaking in it can stop.

    The Official Blog lacks anything thoughtful (passed game updates) since launch which is very odd don't you think?

    It really feels like this game mainly cares about Twitch, Twitch partners and Twitch programs during Office hours in the week and perhaps the data supports why this is so but once again why not post about this? Why not share the processes going on OR maybe someone on the Creator/Community team can also work one day in the weekend to support the Competitive Scene?

    There are a bunch of awesome people out here worrying that just don't need to.

    Thank you for your time

    I've had all these thoughts for months and seen no improvement so I apologize if this is lengthy I also get that everyone is working hard, appreciating every consideration given and am truly grateful for the many awesome things that have occurred but surely someone else can see IF they take a minute or twenty to just look, then look at your other games that are doing well and notice what we do every day.

    This community and game deserves better its soooo good,

    So with all that said I just want to ask if anyone on the marketing team cares that this games major community communication platforms are neglected this much and for so long because its you making all the decisions on how the games we love reach everybody?

    - K

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    Just a small recommendation towards the marketing of this game, slap the 'online co-op' label on AR at the Steam store. That list of features on the right side somewhere between "Online multiplayer" and "Steam Trading Cards"
    I play Atlas Reactor mostly against bots, I find it more fun and less stressful than pvp. The infrastructure is already there to co-op with friends, just needs to be obvious for potential players browsing the store.

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    Great relevant questions that deserve Trion's and developer's atention!

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    good questions.
    would love to hear an answer to that.

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    As someone who has loved this game and supported it in various facets, I agree that most of these seem like completely legitimate questions that I myself have asked. It's not a matter of being disappointed with the game but rather how it is being promoted and how communication with the community is going. Things have taken a noticeable turn in the last few months from where they were at the end of last year and earlier this year.

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    Nice questions raised. I look forward to seeing the devs' responses

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    Definitely food for thought! I hope that the relevant people will respond to this.

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    Sad that no one from Trion approached this post with a comment with their reasoning.
    What makes it worse is that Kiwi has been managing Atlas Reactor "official" Discord and Reddit for a while and still gets no attention from Trion after 1 week this post was submitted...

    From what I see in general discussion forum, I get the feeling that Trion staff just answers the easy posts and avoids the most interesting posts where we ask insightful questions or make suggestions to make the game better. In general, there is not enough Trion presence to make us feel listened...

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