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Thread: Vs. Bots Queue Suggestion

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    Vs. Bots Queue Suggestion

    Repost from the Steam forums, since I'm not sure if those are actually read. Either way, I felt strongly enough about it to post it twice:

    One thing that's been driving me crazy lately is that it seems like if the bot PvE queue takes longer than about a minute and a half it will try to fill bots on my team even though I -do not- have AI Teammates enabled.

    I would really, -really- love an option to remove all bots from the queue. I don't care if it takes five minutes or longer to find a match. I just want humans on my team, and bots on the other, so an option to queue without bot fills period would be amazing.

    I know, it's just PvE but I like to relax and play with strangers so I can meet people to go into PvP with. That's hard to do if I get one player and two bots every other game.

    I'm thinking three options for PvE queue:

    1. AI Teammates (fills your team with bots, like now)
    2. Quick Queue (fills your team with bots, and players, like it does now)
    3. No Bot Queue (does not fill bots on your team, period)

    I find it tremendously annoying to keep canceling the queue at one minute just to reenter it so that I don't end up with bot team mates (especially late at night). For some reason, if I keep exiting the queue and reentering it doesn't give me bot team mates far more consistantly. (I'm guessing it's because there are at least a few others in line, but perhaps not enough, and I'm giving people more time to ready up.)

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    I second the motion of adding the option to disable being teamed with bots.
    Also, because we're adding options and they're so easy to implement :wink: maybe an option for 1 bot maximum.
    Whatever happened to the "Fill" option in vs bots matches? It was there, I saw it, it existed! I don't know if it was a bug for a chapter last season, but I used it, and it helped balance out team compositions.

    And Mosey, I find I get paired with 2 bots at around 120 s, I find it safe to wait to 110 s and unready/reready. But I've been teamed with 2 bots at 20 s, probably because the other human was at the 2min mark.

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