As a somewhat returning player to Atlas Reactor, I was super excited when I saw the release for Meridian. Finally, there would be a frontline/support hybrid! I looked at his ult and thought that it was really cool, and was going to have some awesome synergy with his other skills or get really good as it was kept up over time. He was in my free rotation and I played him. I really liked how he felt and how he played like a frontliner, but I couldn't get over my frustration and disappointment on how awful his ult was. Not only was the shield so negligible in actual use, but it was very hard to keep up for longer than 2 turns. Additionally, there was no synergy with Zenith whatsoever with other skills outside of a single mod for Reforge. I felt as if his kit was just 5 mediocre moves without much variety and without an ult. I have thought of 2 things that would really make Meridian fit the role of a frontline/support hybrid and make him a more unique freelancer to play.

1. There needs to be a benefit for having zenith active for multiple turns.

As of right now, there is only a single mod that makes having zenith active for multiple turns a good thing. As I've seen him used, zenith is used for a short 1-turn shield when it could be most effective. There's no push to keep it up for more than a turn or two. so here are some different ideas to make the player push to save up that energy and fight to get the most they can every turn.

A. Increase the base shield to 20. Additionally, have the shield grow by 3 every turn it is active innately, even without the mod. Still include the Praise the Sun mod.
B. Increase the base shield to 25. Start the shield off with a smaller area of effect and have it grow as it is active for longer
C. Make the rest of his kit have synergy with an active Zenith. Keep the shielding rate at 15, but reduce the stamina increase to only 15 a turn. (Synergy Ideas below)

Synergy Ideas:
Dawnhammer - When Zenith is active, Dawnhammer slows targets it hits.
Reforge - If the selected target is affected by Zenith, also give the target Energized.
Boneshatter - When Zenith is active, each enemy hit increases the shielding of Zenith for the next turn by 3.
Solar Strike - If used when Zenith is active, each ally hit that is not currently affected by Zenith gains 15 Shields next turn.

These synergy ideas could be mods or could just innately be included with the skills.

2. Give Meridian better control over the melee fight.

Besides boneshatter, I feel like Meridian doesn't have the ability to really change what is going on with melee fight. If you look at other supports, most of them are able to interrupt the melee fight with their abilities. Khita's shield can completely undo a frontliner's turn with it's high shielding capacity and weak. Dr. Finn can slow all of the frontliners surrounding a target along with a large shield. Helio's Black Hole Generator can really mess up the melee fight. Aurora's Ion Cloud can do quite a bit of damage and make an area less desirable to move to. Finally, Orion can punish frontliners for hitting a specific target with Quantum Core. Meridian is the only frontline/support hybrid right now, and he should have something besides a simple slow. Here are my various ideas.

A. Remove Solar Strike and give him a skill that deals damage and applies weak to enemies in melee range.
B. Remove Solar Strike and give him a skill that deals damage to enemies in melee range and gives might to allies within melee range.
C. Have a mod for Zenith that has it apply might to all affected allies for a single turn.
D. Have a mod for Solar Strike that has the hammer persist an extra turn and deal half damage on the subsequent blast phase.
E. Have a mod for Boneshatter that makes it knock enemies back.

By no means am I suggesting all of these changes as that would make Meridian way too good. But I am hoping that we, as a community, could get together and discuss these suggestions and others so that this very great concept of a freelancer isn't just cast aside as a useless character, but as a great support that could make all the difference in certain situations and teams.

Side Note: I could not find an active discussion on Meridian. So I am hoping that he hasn't been ignored or cast aside.