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Thread: dc and /ff in ranked

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    dc and /ff in ranked

    When some1 dc when loading in normal game i dont care but when that heppens in ranked pls add forfeet option; if some1 dc in loadscreen and cant be in turn 1 that is just slow agony plying with bot.

    PLS ADD /FF in ranked or whne ther is bot no point lose!!!!!

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    I just had 2 guys dc/leave/whatever in a ranked match before turn 8, and one guy in enemy team who was constantly "not responding/lagging". 2bots+2players vs 4 players. Seems fair.

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    there is a known issue with DCs in game I believe so to penalise someone for such would be excessively harsh in the current state of the game.

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    Penalise someone?! what about penaliseing 3 other teamm8 that will have a sure lose - i just dont want to lose ranked point if some1 dc at the start of the game.

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