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between the gray/blavkburn's who run right into the middle of the feild and die 3rd turn into a match and melle units who stay in the back and try to kill everything at range, this game very unenjoyable

My game history used to look like that, but with wins. Now it looks like yours. The difference? Before my long break I had friends. Get on Discord and meet people to play with. You'll have the dual advantage of being on voice chat and knowing your team isn't horrible beforehand. Besides, why play multiplayer games if you don't want to socialize? There's a room down there right now with 3 people in it. If I wasn't in the middle of placement games I'd go down there and ask to join them myself.

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When i say quarks a turd i really mean it, the reactor more or less pooped him out, so that is all I really meant. He does look a sourpatch kid candy to me and he often leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Quark is a forever turd
He reminds me of Gir from Invader Zim.