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Thread: Hyperforge Low Quality

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    Hyperforge Low Quality

    I play on low quality because my game lags too much without doing so. Other than the fact that I wish I could see some of the cool effects that the maps have doing this hasn't bothered me until now. Hyperforge has a really weird color scheme and many of the squares around the edges of the map are really hard to see. Since I don't know the map very well I have been having quite a bit of trouble figuring out what has cover and there were even squares that I didn't know you could stand on on the edges until I had played atleast 10 games on it. I was just wondering if the lighting could be looked at or something to make the map look a little less gross. Also while I'm here I wish Grey drone was easier to see on low quality.

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    enemy zuki big one can be extremely difficult to see on deactivated stealth pad in center

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    Sorta glad I'm not the only one with this issue, it's currently rendering the scene with pure unlit(ambient lighting?) albedo texturing. I doubt if every asset on Hyperforge is using different shaders to the rest of the maps so I guess it's an issue with LODs on whatever they've rigged up for lighting.

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