-(1) Electrocute (Blast): (Targeter is a 3 line square, then a 2 line square, allowing up to a full perpendicular angle) Send out a curving bolt of electricity. All allies hit gain 4 energy. Enemies hit by the first segment take 24 damage. Enemies hit by the second segment take 16 damage. Gain 6 energy per enemy hit.

-(2) Energy Gate (Prep): (Targeter is similar to Helio's wall, but only 3 spaces instead of 5)Place a gateway on the ground. Enemies that travel through it are slowed and weakened. Allies that walk through it are hasted and energized. Gain 6 energy per enemy and 3 energy per ally that travel through it. (3 turn CD)

-(3) Electric Orbs (Blast): (*See below for targeter description) Create and fire off 3 orbs of electricity. Each orb that hits an enemy deals 10 damage and weakens them next turn. Each orb that hits an ally grants them 5 shields, 5 health, and energized. Gain 5 energy per enemy and 4 energy per ally hit. (4 turn CD)

-(4) Overdrive (Prep): Charge up an ally, giving them haste, unstoppable, and energize for the turn. All enemies near that ally take 10 damage in the Blast Phase. Gain 10 energy plus 2 energy for each enemy hit. (3 turn CD)

-(Ult) Lightning Strike (Blast): (Targeter is similar to Orion Primary, but bigger and with 3 rings instead of 2). Call down a bolt of lightning at a nearby location. Allies hit gain 20 health and 20 shields, reduced by 5 each for every ring out from the center. Enemies take 25 damage, reduced by 5 for every ring out from the center. Reduce all active cooldowns by 1. Uses 100 energy.

*Targeter for Electric Orbs: \|/ - mouse closer to Xavier. ||| - mouse in center of targeter. /|\ - mouse further from Xavier.

The idea I had going on here was a support who does a lot less healing and damage in general, but is still effective. Xavier is supposed to be more about constant buffs and debuffs with a small side helping of heals. The playstyle idea would be to keep your team as constantly as possible hasted, mighted, and energized while keeping the enemy team weakened and slowed. "How is that an effective support?" some may ask. To those people I would say: "Which team is more likely to win? The one getting 30 heals on 1 or 2 people every 4 turns but dealing only 15 damage each per turn, or the one getting 15 heals on 1 or 2 people every 4 turns but dealing 40 damage per turn and ulting every 5 turns?" Something to think about...