Dual kusarigama wielder.

-(1) Wide Swing (Blast): (Targeter is similar to Asana's or Kaigin's primary, but instead of a 90 degree area loss, there are 2 60 degree losses on either side.) Swing the blades by their chains to either side, dealing 18 damage to those close by and 24 damage to those at the edge. Gain 8 energy per enemy hit.

-(2) Whirlwind Chains (Prep): Rotate the chains of your kusarigamas around yourself, reducing all damage done to you by 25%. 25% of any direct damage that would have been dealt to you is reflected back. Allows full movement. Gain 10 energy. (3 Turn CD)

-(3) Hook and Pull (Dash): Throw the Kusarigamas out in a line (7 square range). If they don't hit an enemy, immediately pull yourself to that location. If they hit an enemy deal 25, pull them to your location, and get knocked back 1 space during the blast phase. Gain 8 energy. (4 Turn CD)

-(4) Disarm (Blast): (Celeste primary targeter with 1 range less.) Throw out your kusarigamas to tangle up the enemy's weapons. Each enemy hit takes 18 damage and is weakened next turn. If both blades hit the same target, they take 25 damage instead. Gain 6 energy for each hit.

-(Ult) Thresh (Blast): Throw Kusarigamas out in 6 directions (range 4.5), dealing 35 damage to any enemy hit and pulling them to you. Uses 100 energy.

A kusarigama is basically a kama (small pole-scythe) on a chain, for those who don't know. So, each time I've made a lancer I try to go with something that's different or new, whether it be a mechanic or ideal. In this instance I wanted to try and make someone who has a dual ability, hence "Hook and Pull" which depending on the situation goes off in either the Dash Phase or Blast Phase. In addition, percentage over constant has been an idea floating around since before Orion came out, but to date Orion remains the only one with a percentage based ability, so I decided to throw an alternate of that in here as well. May add mods later, but for now: enjoy!