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Thread: Meridian supporting capabilities need a bit of improve.

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    Meridian supporting capabilities need a bit of improve.

    I know he is meant to be more frontlinish but lbh, his heal is bad you need to either up the numbers a bit or make the healing treshold a bit small, 10 based is meh, maybe 15 base is better, and the % to max healing (35) actuall is 25% of their max hp to heal. With the 10 extra heal mod, a titus NEEDS TO BE AT 5 HP TO GET 45 HEAL thats not correct thats extremely bad, u need to up the ammount of heal per %missing hp seriusly. In my opinion his heal base should go from 10 to 50 base depending on missing health.

    And with his ult, i read many interesting ones but the one i like the most is: Depending the energy Meridian cast the ult, it gives more shields f.e: 20 energy gives the standard ammount 15, at 50 energy it could give 20 energy, with 80 energy 25 shields per turn and if u cast itwith 100 energy it would give 30 shields.

    The dmg aspect of the character is totally ok and his range is decent for a melee support but he really lacks on support capability.

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    I agree with everything you say, if the devs want Meridian to be a better Support. Though I suspect that would ultimately result in his damage output being reduced.

    Really, I don't think Meridian's numbers as they stand is the issue. The devs created three categories for Freelancer types which, based on existing Freelancers, create expectations for new lancers in those categories. They then create hybrid lancers that straddle those class lines, such as Meridian, and don't add up to par on the specific abilities associated with any particular class.

    I think Meridian is a cool and interesting Freelancer, his support ability numbers just aren't good enough for a Support Freelancer. Nor do his abilities make him fully a Frontline capable lancer. Basically, I think the categorization is the main issue regarding Meridian, and also that this game doesn't handle hybrid characters particularly well due to the trade-offs that have to be made for balance purposes. Which could result in a lancer that just isn't particularly good at anything.

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    Based on several custom games with teammates, and a bunch of bot games just to get a handle on mechanics and positioning, I would rate Meridian a C right now. He has average numbers across the board for damage and heals. He gains some value in the survivability category due to his high health and shields on ult, but he suffers in the versatility/predictability departments since his ult radius is so small. Forcing a team to group up is a real negative in high skill games and a death sentence in the average brawl.

    My core recommendation is to slightly enlarge the AOE for Meridian's ult effect. I think Garrison's missile hit radius would be ideal and the spherical nature is more fitting for the sun-like aesthetic of Meridian. Overall numbers and performance will take time to figure out in the new meta, but positioning is a key element of the game that is constant regardless of other factors

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