After you've queued for a match and the counter ticks down you're taken to a loading screen with the two teams. The screen is stationary except for the loading bars AND I've noticed that if someone is using a Master Skin then their portrait not only framed in gold but there is a gleam to the gold, a small animation and it gave me this idea:

Can we get moving portraits for the pre-game loading screen?
Obviously you want the game to load as fast as possible, so I'm not thinking of major actions, but subtle mannerisms would add a lot of life to the characters (and loading screen) if each character moved in some slight way.
Some examples:
Aurora could just kind of sizzle, her eyes flickering like a steady flame.
Asana could grimace or snarl a little.
Lockwood's cigar could have smoke wafting off it.
Garrison could have the reflection of his scrolling data screen on his face.
Tol-Ren might have blinking and winking lights.
Elle would hardly move at all and blink the least of anyone.
Let me know if you'd like more suggestions for characters, didn't want to drone on if the idea is a non-starter.

Another inspiration for this idea are the brilliant expressions in many emoticons, and I realize the portraits aren't the same pixel art, but someone has a talent for subtle looping animations.