Meridian is so far looking to be an ok addition to the game, But it bears thought into how he will perform competitively.

A Melee ranged support, what could go wrong?

A lot.

His kit suggests that you want to be up close and in the thick of the fight. But in practice, he does not have the survivability to sustain on or that near to the frontline. And thats ok, he is a support, right?

To be able to use 3/5 of your kit, you want to be positioned forward. Being a melee ranged support character, and having no dash on his kit dictates that Meridian will often become the focus of the enemy team. And that is his dilemma.

His ultimate should help in mitigating some of his liability, particularly in the end game when high damage enemy Ults are ready.

I like the novelty of Meridian being able to activate his Ultimate early. It lends him some unique early play potential, but after the first few turns, his 15 shield is not going to provide any tangible benefit.

I propose that his shield amount should scale with his energy level upon activation. Grant 15 shield from energy level 20-50, grant 20 shield from 50-80 energy, and grant 25 shield from 81-100 energy.

That could give him some mid and late game viability, and be in line with his theme of a rallying support.

Summary: Meridian's heal scales, perhaps his Ultimate shield should also scale based on his Energy level to make him viable late game.