Post 'em as you find them.
  1. Meridian's "Sunblock" mod for his ultimate will show the +3 value during decision phase even for enemies that you have no vision on, potentially revealing the presence of otherwise hidden enemies.

    Dashing bot moved into the area while out of my vision, ult indicator shows 21 shields. On turns that he is not in the area, it shows 18.
  2. Might not be a bug, but the Local Anesthetic mod for Meridian's Reforge can lower the base heal all the way down to 8 if you are too far away.
  3. Bots use Energized catalyst on turns where they ult. (Presumably they think it's might.)
  4. The catalyst Chronosurge activates in blast phase, but when activated on the same turn as a dash it applies the slow to enemies around your original location, not around the end of your dash. (First noticed on tol-ren)
  5. If an invisible enemy uses Shift, the particles of the landing spot are visible. (Noticed on enemy PuP)
  6. PuP's invis might buff (/energized mod) has inconsistent interactions with Echo Boost. I'm not sure what the intended interaction is, but it should be consistent across all abilities.
    • The tooltip of the ability says the buff will be removed at the end of turn if an ability is used, but if you use a blast phase ability and Echo Boost, both the might and energized can be extended for several more turns.
    • If you use a dash and Echo Boost, the buffs will fade at the end of blast phase and will not be extended.
    • Since the base duration of the might and energized buff from Prowl Protocol is 3 and the buffs are not removed on attack, you actually get 4 total turns of the buffs. Going invis and then breaking it the next turn while using echo boost would net you 3 turns of might and energized, which I doubt is intended.
    • Using Prowl Protocol and then using Echo Boost while invisible, or on the same turn as prowl protocol, breaks invisibility immediately and nets you 3 turns of Might (/Energized)
    • Using Echo Boost breaks invisibility (other catalysts don't, as far as I know)
  7. If Chronosurge slows an enemy within a camo field, that camo field will be revealed even if the enemy only moves and takes no offensive action (tested against the bottom left bot in practice). Might be intended since it's considered an offensive action?
  8. Meridian's heal can target Oz clone
  9. Not sure if intended: Fetter damage can trigger Phaedra's Putrid Spray. The ability description states "hit with abilities."

    Also shown - fetter dealt cover damage despite being adjacent. Origin square is also in the image, behind the left fodder bot.

Already fixed:
  • Rask does not seem to have gotten the damage buff from Kytsu's patch notes.
  • There's a really cute flashing warning if you try to equip mods past your loadout max, but it only seems to appear the first time you go over and then never again.