Name: Yamiyo

Role: Support

A Wielder of a Weapon of GAIA. Yamiyo Is a scythe that manipulates shadows. using this ability he can darken the battlefield with his presence as well as mold himself and others into shadows, much to the dismay of enemy and ally alike.

Primary (1) (Blast): " Dark Harvest"
Throws his scythe like a pinwheel in a 3 unit wide line target dealing 14 damage to all targets hit. At the end location(about the range of aurora's primary) his scythe stays stuck in the ground and can be freely walked over. The next turn, if he doesn't use his primary again, his scythe will return to him and deal 26 damage to anyone it hits on the return.

Passive-Yamiyo: You may activate this ability even if you have already activated other abilities this turn( if he does this while the scythe is already out it burns in a black fire and then it gets created from black fire in his hand before the prep phase starts.)

2 (Prep): "Dark Void" cooldown 4 turns
4 by 4 targeter goes over/through walls and can be cast anywhere as long as ymiyo has line of sight
Create a shroud of darkness in an area to conceal your allies. allies within the shroud gain 10 sheilds upon entering/casting and the shroud remains until the end of the next Blast Phase.
If an allied unit stays in the shroud when it ends they gain an additional 20 shields at the beginning of the next turn.

3 (Dash): "Master Of Shadows" 6 turn cooldown
same targeter as quark's dash but without picking a landing point.
hide yourself inside an allied unit(or your scythe) and heal for 30 health. if you land in an ally they also gain 30 health you do give vision of your landing position if they can see it, but you take cover damage while inside an ally. movement: if you jumped to your scythe you can move but you are slowed. if you jumped to an ally you move with that ally and then are placed one square behind that ally( like if 2 people try to occupy the same space)

4 (Prep): "Blacken" 5 Turn Cooldown
Same targeter as finn bubble. Turn an enemy or ally within range into a shadow(can just use the hidden ally effect on the target for ease of animation) Shadows cannot deal or take damage but they still gain/give energy for hitting/being hit. lasts until the end of decision phase.

Ult (prep): "Visage Of Death"
Self targeting
Transform yourself into a ghastly grim reaper gaining 100 Shields until it ends. Ability cool-downs and energy gains are halfed while in this form and your primary now deals 22 damage on successful hits and 34 damage on returns. This state lasts for 4 turns

Primary Mods:
"Sow"- 1 point - allies that are hit by the scythe are given 10 shields
"Reap"- 2 - your scythe now does 22 damage coming and going and 28 coming and going during ult
"Harvest"-3- successfully landing a return now reduces the cooldown on Dark Void and Blacken by 1 but no longer gives additional damage

2 Mods:
"Darker"- 2-give an additional 5 shields to allies who enter and stay within
"Colder"- 2 - Enemy units that stay within the shroud when it ends are slowed
"Scarier"- 3 - If an enemy is located withing a 2 by 2 center square they are weakened. no longer gives shields when the shroud ends

3 Mods:
"Self Preservation"- 3 - your scythe also gives cover protection if you warp to it
"Sympathetic"- 2 - if you occupy an ally they gain 45 health while you gain 25
"Illusion"- 1 - you may send a fake self to another target (2 part targeter) to obscure where you went. that ally gains 30 health but loses that 30 health at the beginning of the next blast phase.

4 Mods:
"Tangible"- 2 - target takes cover damage and deals cover damage that turn
"Afraid"- 1-the target is so scared of what is happening that they are energized for the turn
"Sluggish"- 2- the target is slowed until the end of the next turn

Ult Mods:
"FEAR ME"- 4(YES 4 POINTS) - Resets the cooldown on all skills upon transformation
"RUN FROM ME"- 2 - enemies within the transformation area(3 by 3) are slowed until the end of next turn
"HIDE FROM ME"- 1 - Enemies within the transformation area(3 by 3) are revealed until the end of next turn

Atlas Reactor seems to have a trend of creating characters that don't fit the stereotype they belong to when it comes to supports. Khita and orion come to mind. following that trend i have decided to take the most edglord and totally supposed to be a firepower character and made him a support. The character's attitude is that of a super dark "The power of darkness is supreme" edglord but he is focused on preserving his allies. he will even use quotes that sound like he thinks he is doing damage. stuff like "LET DEATH WASH OVER YOU HAHAHAHA" when he uses blacken. that would be the trend of his character. in his mind he is actually killing his allies and tormenting them to death, but really he is saving them. I also thought it would be interesting if he became a front-line for 4 turns as an ultimate.

his appearance is that of a very slender male shrouded in a tattered cloak with endless darkness for a face. the cloak only covers down to his shoulders because the rest is in tatters. he wears black armor with dark grey/silver highlights to look like a skeleton. his shoulders are highlighted silver/grey, same with where his clavicle would be. then his chest is pure silver/grey until where his abs would be nothing but a silver/grey line(like a spine) extends down to where his pelvis would be. instead of a pelvis outline he wears a silver/grey sash around his waste and he is nothing at all below the waste just a mist of black in a shapeless form like a ghost. His arms are completely robotic and they are super SUPER slender with claw/needle like fingers.

The Scythe Yamiyo: The staff is similar to a question mark but more angular than curved. at the halfway point it has a rod extending from it to allow it to be held there. the scythe itself is made of a pure bright silver color with hints of red neon running through it. the blade is split into 3 parts. the top(the dull side is a thin bright silver curve. below it is a thin line of neon red. then the bulk of the blade is a black material. it looks like a black outer fire with a red inner fire formed into a scythe.

in Visage Of Death form his proportions are like rask( including his arms) and a robotic Dark silver/grey skull with no jaw can be seen through the cloak.