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    Freezes, Lags and low FPS

    I am aware this is not a "bug", but since the issue is at least just as important I figured I'd start the thread here anyway.

    When I first started playing AR summer 2016 the only small lags I had were whenever I hovered over an ability whilst setting up my mods. The ability preview caused the game to freeze for 1-2 seconds. Which made it difficult enough to change mods right before loading into the match.

    Not only has that issue gotten worse, but the game also lags and freezes ever so often when switching to a different freelancer, choosing active skins, loading the Season/Chapter overview or the Collections.
    The worst freezes ingame, DURING matches though. Mostly they happen during movement phase or at the beginning of decision phase. One time the game froze so hard it ended up crashing. It's really frustrating and I am not able to stream it properly anymore.

    I tidied up my computer (the usual maintenance, defrag and more), I made sure nothing else is running in the background aside from AR (and discord), I have set AR's priority set to High in the task manager/process overview and I am not downloading anything (which wouldn't affect the FPS issues and freezes anyway, but you know... before any weird suggestions come in...).

    I've heard of other people complaining about freezes and lags before, too. And especially the map Omni Reactor Core seems to stress out many people's computers and setups.
    As much as I love you people and this game, I am not having fun playing anymore at this point. The game really needs optimizing. I can play Ark: Survival Evolved on it's highest epic settings and it won't lag. So why does Atlas Reactor?
    I can play GTA IV on it's highest settings and it's fantastically fine. Why ain't AR? I used to be able to play it, run Facerig and stream without any problems. I am sad that changed so much...

    Please rescue your players and streamers. D:


    - the little red raptor (Errrr, GenGen)

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    Hello! Please submit a support ticket at support.trionworlds.com so that our Technical Support team can investigate this issue with you.

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