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Thread: Current imbalances to Atlas crew.

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    Arrow Current imbalances to Atlas crew.

    I'll be straightforward.

    This little guy has a "leash" mechanics, which bypasses all the Atlas Reactor rules - positioning, walls, camoflage, dashes.. etc. Simply, broken. Ditch this leash thing, and make things aimed and fun, just like any other freelancer!

    Ignores walls.

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    Quark is unique in the sense that he tethers to either an ally or an enemy and does constant heals/damage to them through cover. Even though Quark is a constant annoyance getting out of his effective range will break his tethers. This can easily be accomplished with slows, knock-backs, or simply not attacking and running. (Now that Rushing Radiate has been removed lol)

    Wow great explanation. On topic: While Phaedra can hit through walls, her damage is pretty low and her range is on-par with the likes of Brynn. Yeah her damage is in a large AoE cleave but it does 13 damage. Phaedra (much like Quark) can easily be evaded by playing outside of her effective range. She has one modestly low range Dash that has a very finicky "piercing" mechanic with walls, a "cage" ultimate that you can dash out of (unlike Grey's cage which damages + roots you), and a melee range slow. That's it.

    Overall it sounds like you play to aggressively and stay too close to the enemy. Don't be afraid to take a turn to run 8 tiles away from the enemy. It's better to take less damage as a Firepower than to do more damage to a Frontliner.

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    The two lancers mentioned are etremely powerful characters for their ability to play in complete safety. They can both sit behind walls and be extremely effictive as either zoning tools (Phaedra) or constant heal machines so their other team mates can play far more risky (Quark).

    There is counterplay, but it simply isn't enough to balance them out, you can only knock quark away so many times befoire you run out of cooldowns and he can just relink his own team mates. Removing his dash would definitely be the best way to bring quark into line but I'm not sure what you replace it with, I'm thinking perhaps a third bond that does something else (energy every turn maybe? 2-3 per turn would sound fair. could be op) but just remove his safety. For Phaedra I think the best way to fix her is either a) reduce the ark on her primary so you can actualy catalyst away from her, or b) reduce the healing she receives from her mending swarm to not account for shield health or only regenrate 75% of damage taken.

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    So you say these two (perma banned btw) freelancers are perfectly balanced, and that they should not receive any adjustments? Yeah, right. Bypassing all the core game rules is "unique" for sure, but aint fun to play against, at all. Running away 8 spaces away is by no means counter-play.

    Quark got easy time healing damaging etc (through walls, again, against the rules), while its infinitely much harder to play against him. You are right, Phaedra's arc should be smaller definitely, no matter the damage.. 13 by 13 free damage simply forces you to be attacker.

    If these two Freelancers are "balanced" then make the RANKED QUEE selection to allow selection of same Freelancer in both teams, and you will see ALL the teams picking both phaedra and Quark - very creative. This (of course) needs swift rework.

    Thanks for the read.

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    One thing to note about quark is the leash thing goes both ways. They are a benefit to him but they also force him to stay close and play a lot more in the mix than most support. Combine that with other than his ult he has no major emergency heal/shield for himself other than catalysts. If you just poke at him he can keep healing all day long but if you focus fire on quark he dies pretty easily and if he is that teams only support you can either punch him out pretty fast or force him into flight where he is not doing anything to anybody.

    Phaedra is a tougher call I really like her unique through the wall mechanic where she is probably going to hit you but not going to do much damage. VS a team with good support she winds up racking up some good numbers but her actual impact can be lower. But she does the front line job being a durable bully pretty well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaid View Post
    One thing to note about quark is the leash thing goes both ways. They are a benefit to him but they also force him to stay close and play a lot more in the mix than most support.
    This is just wrong bud, The best quark players will never compromise position to heal for an offensive tether, they are most effective playing with a firepower like lockwood or blackburn and leeting them play risky while sitting comfortably behind the walls in complete saftey.

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    Phaedra is just too powerful right now. Consistently high damage plus the ability to mitigate walls/cover plus the best regen in the game. The regen needs to be changed to something like 50% instead of 100%.

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    What I want mostly on Phaedra is reducing the box hit of her dash. It's just so big it's ridiculous.

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    I think you're shooting at the right target, but with the wrong aim.

    Phaedra is strong for being able to effectively bypass focus fire as a free action, for being able to "tag" dashers during prep phase, and for ignoring cover and being able to build energy without as much concern over position compared to strict melee lancers. Ignoring walls for her is good, but it's hardly some backbreaker which turns her into a beast on its own. Gremo has been ignoring walls since day 1, and he's hardly a problem, ya dig?

    Quark's "issue" is that in games where he wins/is successful, he wins HARD. The value of a tether as an action grows the longer it remains active: if you hold a healing tether for 10 turns, it's roughly equivalent to a 120 HP heal + 30 energy and health on yourself. To counter this, Radiate is actually sort of garbage; except that at a certain point you have nothing else to do so you Radiate for a bit more of a swing while your hyper-powerful auto-acting Tethers reap huge rewards.
    Basically, if you never break tethers (whether by killing Quark, or knocking someone around,) Quark is insane to the point where the match is near unwinnable. To beat Quark you MUST disrupt tethers. Quark balance discussion should assume this as a starting point, and then discuss how viable it is to put resources into doing so, how many times he must be disrupted, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FogRaider View Post
    To beat Quark you MUST disrupt tethers.[/B] .
    And then he regain it the next turn.Yeah,but Quark,much like a Grem,can hide safely behind cover/wall and just simply heal a firepower in a way that ignore the game rule.So yeah,not cool.Imo i see 2 solution
    1. Give his bond a cooldown,like Juno ult
    2.Make his bond only last 2 or 3 turn,after that he will have to re-bond again

    Quote Originally Posted by FogRaider View Post
    Gremo has been ignoring walls since day 1, and he's hardly a problem, ya dig?
    Indeed,but Grem require sight and good predict in order to hit his enemy.Dash negate Grem,not so much on Phaedra.
    The problem with Phae is not about having high damage,it's being able to consistency reach & hit the enemy.She have a attack that bypass cover and wall,a fairly good cc and again a dash that bypass cover and wall while giving another cc. Also her ult give another damage bypass cover and wall,giving her another unique form of cc.
    The only thing inconsistency about her is her heal,which lose its value over time.So yeah,she need adjustment or redesign

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