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Thread: Wedge, the Riftgunner

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    Wedge, the Riftgunner

    Title: Wedge, the Riftgunner

    Role: Firepower

    A burly, dusty-skinned man wearing an open vest and welding goggles. At his hip, he holds a large, open-topped weapon consisting predominantly of two long rails coming forward from an underslung flywheel crackling with energy. Lastly, he is a double amputee from the knees down, both legs being replaced with a sort of rough tank-tread structure.


    Primary (1) (Blast): Particle Smasher

    Targets a ranged line, piercing multiple units. Moderate maximum range, standard line width. Can be shortened; deals increased damage the shorter the range selected. No cooldown.
    Wedge fires a rail of superheated plasma, dealing mediocre damage at the longest ranges, or strong damage at the shortest ranges.

    2 (Prep, Free): Ion Surge

    Self target/Buff. Low cooldown.
    Wedge overclocks his weapon with unstable ions, dealing a small amount of additional damage with any of his damaging abilities this turn. However, if he doesn't hit a foe, he hit HIMSELF for an amount equal to his damage increase instead.

    3 (Prep/Blast): Rift Strike

    Sets up a delayed strike, with decent range, a narrow center line, and a wider outer line. (Think of it as being like Titus' primary attack in shape, but with much more range.) Average cooldown.
    Wedge cuts a tear in the timespace continuum, which erupts violently next turn. During the Blast Phase of NEXT turn, deals heavy damage to the center line, and moderate damage to the outer line.

    4(Dash): Plasma Skate

    A short-range line-targeted dash with a single joint that allows a 45 degree turn. Average cooldown.
    Wedge skates a short distance, leaving a shimmering blade of energy on the path he travels. Enemies crossing over his path will take a small amount of damage.

    Ult (Blast): Fractal Beam

    Targets a long-range line. Each time the beam hits a foe or a wall, however, it duplicates at a 90 degree angle to both the left and the right. Maximum 2 splits. Requires 100 energy.
    Deals average damage for an ultimate (which is to say, high damage.) Targets hit have 50% reduced energy gain next turn.


    Particle Smasher Mods:

    "Chronon Harvester"-1-Gain Haste next turn if you hit at least 2 foes.
    "Irradiate"-2-If you strike the same foe again next turn, deal extra damage.
    "Universal Constant"-3-Beam becomes wider as range becomes shorter. Damage is now always the same amount regardless of range.

    Ion Surge Mods:

    "Radiation Tag"-1-Reveal struck foes until end of next decision phase.
    "Positron Rush"-2-Gain Energized next turn if you hit a foe.
    "Emergency Shunt"-2-No longer damage yourself when you fail to hit a foe.
    "Extremis Circuit"-3-Increase damage bonus, but you must strike at least 2 foes to avoid damaging yourself.

    Rift Strike Mods:

    "Temporal Distortion"-1-Struck foes are Slowed this turn.
    "Exotic Particles"-2-Allies in the detonation area gain Might next turn.
    "Recurrence"-3-The attack strikes again on the third turn for half damage.

    Plasma Skate Mods:

    "Friction Negation"-1-Your turn radius increases by a small amount.
    "Temporal Wake"-2-Allies passing through the path gain Haste next turn.
    "Gauss Thrusters"-3-Increases distance of each segment by a small amount.

    Fractal Beam Mods:

    "Quantum Tunneling"-1-Energy cost reduced to 90.
    "Razzle Frazzle"-2-Deal additional damage equal to 20% of target's current shields.
    "Mandelbrot"-3-Add one additional split.

    (Could be associated with Omni, or could be a Wildcard. Lore is a WIP.)


    I designed Wedge as a heavy punisher firepower; that is to say, high damage reward at the expense of needing better foresight. I imagine his playstyle to be closest to Elle and Zuki in terms of current freelancers. He should excel at driving heavy damage against foes who choose to tank damage rather than avoid it. His variety of area attacks can punish clustered foes.

    Any thoughts?

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    I'm not a huge fan of his number 2 ability. Mostly due to the self damage. I can understand the idea of punishment through failure, but usually wasting an ability on a miss is plenty punishing. Otherwise, it looks nice, but I have to ask, what exactly would make this freelancer "new" or "different"? It feels too much like a weird mix of zuki, celeste, and juno. That's just my thoughts and input though.

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