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    If I had one tip to give it would be play safe. Ppl tend to play very aggressive and end up in very bad spots. It's usually good to sit on a good cover, put some traps and wait them to take Yolo positions. The best way to win trades is to be in cover, this allows you to even win 1vs2 situations.

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    Hmm something I see a lot of people not doing is option coverage.
    For example if there's an enemy that you want to hit but they have their dash so you don't know if they will or not, instead of just locking in once you are aiming at them, visually aim the skill shot behind them to either a spot they might dash to or line it up so it hits someone behind them.
    As long as it hits it deals the same damage and even cover damage is better than none (energy). Its why(for example) Lockwoods or Khitas will often shoot in ways that seem really flashy or pointless, to cover more ground than just shooting straight.

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    LetoGT that's interesting. I have kind of worked some of that out for myself but I find if I stay in cover, it's easy to suddenly find yourself out of position and unable to affect the outcome of the next round or two, leaving your team to pick up your slack. It's obviously a fine line.

    Stealth, I agree. It's almost "prediction" - taking a bet on where they are going to be and see if you can get something out of it. I find that's often a good policy right at the start with a trap or something that allows you to place it and force the enemy to reposition but I am less effective at it in the mid/late game.

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    Great tips guys! Definitely agree that staying alive is super important. Then again, I play as Grey so running away is kind of my thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZamboniChaos View Post
    Great tips guys! Definitely agree that staying alive is super important. Then again, I play as Grey so running away is kind of my thing.

    Couldn't resist! ;-)

    Seriously loving the game and the community seems great.

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    I understand what you say. Yet, you can try to read the game and position accordingly. Whatever role you play, you need to move from cover to cover. So, I highly suggest to use auto follow the least possible. It's okay to lose one turn. However, what's not okay is to take a lot of damage because of positioning too aggressively. Because in this game, you can't B to fountain and regen.

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    Completely agree with you there. I think that's one of the things I love about this game. There's a subtle level of tactics and nuance you get because of the turn cycle that you don't always get with "live" PVP games etc.

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    Gonna add a tip of my own here - I found you can replay matches you've participated in and learn where you (and others) went wrong and how to improve.

    Also, it's not only OK to die, sometimes, but it's ok to die BIGLY! I noticed I was running around early and mid-game to avoid getting splattered when on a few HP, but sometimes you can use that to an advantage and throw yourself into the fray with like 7HP and let their whole team grind you into the dust and... guess what, your team get a free pass when that happens! :-)

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