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Thread: Quality of Life changes

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    Quality of Life changes

    Just going to discuss some things that I think might make Atlas a little more interesting, some ideas are more complex than others but they'd be cool additions.

    1) Ranked stats should have their own tab when looking at your profile, it'd be nice to see how it looks when we're try harding compared to trolling in PvP

    2) More stats! Nothing crazy, maybe just total damage done, total healing/shielding. Total damage taken, total kills/deaths/assists. Maybe some more complicated ones could be added if relevant like: number of games you finish with 0 deaths, highest contribution (almost like an MVP stat that could be calculated a multitude of ways). that sort of thing.

    3) Increase the number of lootboxes you earn, but decrease the amount of prizes you get from each. I like earning things, other people like earning things, it just makes sense to me. Maybe there could be something like a reward for exemplary performance like getting over 1k contribution or clean sweeping and enemy.

    4) The hard one. Watching this game can be a little boring because of the amount of weight time, I understand the turn timer but the animation bit takes so long. What if we could speed it up a little by having simultaneous actions like in the dash phase? Perhaps if two freelancers are damaging eachother they can perform their actions at the same time. This would also make the game look a bit cooler when rask and asana slap eachother in the face like a real fight. If this is too much just speeding it up a fraction might really help.

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    I think that actions that occur/hit in the same area should be indeed casted simultaneously. Or at least the same types of action. Shield/heals, traps, dash, AA, ultimates. And only showing taunted abilities on their own. I also think that some taunt are unnecessarily long (Tol ren taunts?).

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