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Thread: Season 3 Contender Change

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    Season 3 Contender Change

    I'm sure this was Pju's original goal in mind but couldn't be achieved due to the small population. Let's have a smaller cut off for Contender. Maybe at 10, 15, 20, or 25. That way we can incentivize exhilarating, cut-throat ranked play for the top spots. This would revitalize the null state of high ranked play from the AFK graveyard that it is currently.

    Simple: You make it to Masters (or Contender assuming that you have a high enough elo and that the threshold hasn't been broken). You, along with others would be playing to achieve higher elo in order bump down the lowest contender, take their spot and even climb to the top!

    It's exciting, fun and what ranked play SHOULD be and feel like at the very top.

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    I tend to agree. However, if a change of this type were implemented I would also recommend a difference in prestige reward levels between Master and Contender. Currently, there is none.

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