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Thread: Sha-Ren, the Warden

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    Sha-Ren, the Warden

    Before I start, I'd just like to apologize if I presume too much on intruding on the canon. I just thought Omni needed a new frontliner, the Rens don't have a frontliner, and I've had this idea for a "bodyguard-type" character for a while.

    The Rens at a whole tend to be teachers; this is somewhat in their nature due to programming and circumstance. Sha-Ren's lessons were always one of limits; knowing one's limits; knowing the futility of that which is beyond your limits, and knowing that Sha-Ren was there to help you back down, should you be foolish enough to try to step beyond them. A protector by heart, Sha-Ren takes to the battlefield with a solid Kanabō, a war-club said to contain the shard of a reactor, and the knowledge it will keep its charges standing by any means.

    (Physical description: A large warrior-monk type character with limited scale armour (shoulders, some breastplate, shin- and forearm guards) and a studded war club. Barefooted. Bald or with a hair whip. Unlike Su-Ren, who looks human, and Tol-Ren, who looks android, Sha-Ren looks somewhat Uncanny Valley; like someone who tried to make a statue of a human but made it a little too flawless to look fully lifelike. Glowing Aurora/Orion eyes, possible signs of wiring beneath the skins (like exposed veins). Sha-Ren is androgynous and has no need for a gender identification; after all, Sha-Ren is there for others, not for the self)

    Primary (1) (Blast): "Sweeping Strike"
    * Melee attack, hits in a semi-circular area (short range) around Sha-Ren. The width of the circle can be adjusted from a single line to a 180 degree half-circle (use same controls as with Celeste's primary/Grey's double darts), dealing more damage the smaller the area is (18 maximum size - 28 single line?).
    * "A sweeping club strike against enemies in range. The width of the area can be adjusted from a semi-circle to a single line, dealing from [medium] to [medium+] damage. Gain [average frontliner energy] per enemy hit, or [average firepower energy] at single line size."

    2 (Blast): "Shiko"
    * Melee attack, hits all enemies in base contact with Sha-Ren. Deals medium damage and knocks down enemies. Slows enemies up to 2 squares away.
    * "A shockwave of stomping-induced energy deals [medium] damage and knocks down enemies in base contact with Sha-Ren and slows enemies further away. Gain average frontliner energy] per enemy rooted and [low energy] per enemy slowed."
    * Side-note: "Shiko" is a term from Sumo Wrestling. It is a stomp used by Sumo Wrestlers as training and also symbolically when entering the ring (the dohyō-iri). The shiko is said to ward off evil.

    3 (Dash): "Intercessive Assault"
    * Straight line dash (like Titus), long range, ends when it hits a single target. Deals [medium] damage and slows target. Can hit allies, who gain [medium] shields until end of next round instead.
    * "Intercedes in an enemy's attack dealing [medium] damage and slowing the target. Can also target an ally for [medium] shields. Gain [medium] energy if you hit a target."

    4 (Prep): "Warden's Mark"
    * Buff during prep phase, marks an ally at [short] range and grants [medium] shields. If the ally takes direct damage during the round, Sha-Ren attacks the attacker with an energy blast that deals [somewhat higher than Asana] indirect damage.
    * "Creates a warding around a friendly character, granting [medium] shield to it. If the target takes direct damage this round, Sha-Ren will retaliate automatically with an energy blast that deals [somewhat higher than Asana] indirect damage. Gain [low] energy on use and [low] energy per enemy hit."

    Ult (Prep, free action): "The Enduring Mountain"
    * Sha-Ren gains Unstoppable and drops a circle of meditation at the square Sha-Ren is standing in. For the remainder of the round, as long as Sha-Ren is standing in the circle, Sha-Ren cannot die and their HP cannot be reduced beneath 1. During next round's prep phase, the circle heals Sha-Ren (if still standing on it) with [high] healing and disappears.
    * "Creates a circle of protection at Sha-Ren's feet that prevents death as long as it is stood on. During next prep phase the circle heals Sha-Ren for [high] damage and then disappears. Sha-Ren gains Unstoppable for this round. Requires 100 energy."

    Primary Mods:
    * Tetsubō Testudo (2 points, default): Add [low] additional shield to the target on your next use of Warden's Mark for each enemy hit. Stacks to a maximum of [about 5 hits] shields.
    * Sweet Spot (3 points): Enemies hit using the line effect (minimal size) are slowed.
    * Widened Stance (2 points): Decreases the damage gradient and increases the minimal damage of the attack at maximum size (22?).
    * Kinetic Feedback (1 point): Gain [low] additional energy per enemy struck.
    * Avalance (1 point): If used on the same round as The Enduring Mountain, slows all enemies hit.

    2 Mods:
    * Salt Warding (2 points, default): Gain [low] shields on the next round per enemy hit.
    * Numbened Nerves (3 points): Knocked down enemies are slowed on the following round.
    * Disaster Area (2 points): Knocks enemies in base contact 1 square away from Sha-Ren instead of rooting them.
    * Earthquake (1 point): If used on the same round as The Enduring Mountain, the size of the attack increases by 1 (knockdown and damage up to 2 squares away, slowing 3 squares away).

    3 Mods:
    * Brace for Impact (2 points, default): Gain [medium] shield if you hit an enemy.
    * Fly you fool (2 points): If you hit an ally, they gain Haste and Unstoppable for the round.
    * Kinetic Bleed-Off (3 points): If your target is an enemy more than [medium] range away from where you started, add [low] damage and root the target instead.
    * Ready to Aid (2 points): On hitting an ally, reduces Warden's Mark cooldown by [1-2].

    4 Mods:
    * Shoulder to Shoulder (2 points, default): If standing adjacent to the target, Sha-Ren counts as cover for the target in that direction.
    * Seek Revengeance (2 points): Sha-Ren gains Might at the beginning of next prep phase. Lasts until the end of next round.
    * Syncretic Protection (1 point): Sha-Ren gains [low shield], but the target's shield is reduced by [low amount].
    * Eagle-Eyed Protector (1 point): Enemies hit are revealed until the end of next round.

    Ult Mods:
    * From Stillness, Movement (2 points, default): Reduces cooldown on Intercession by [1-2].
    * Great Protector (3 points): If you use Warden's Mark this round, the effects of The Enduring Mountain apply to the target instead. You gain the shield the target would have gained.
    * All or Nothing (1 point): If you begin next round at 2 HP (minimum possible), double HP healed. If you do not, it heals nothing.
    * Internalise Fury (2 points): Gain might until the end of next round, but movement is reduced to 0 this round.

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    This is.... an incredibly well thought out kit. I definitely am watching this to see where it goes. Good job <3

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