This patch will go live on 4/06/17.
Servers will be down from 7:50 am PST for about 30 minutes.

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  • Fixed an issue where all players were granted the Fillmore skins by accident. Only players that purchased it should have it now. We hope you enjoyed your time with Fillmore Ė but now you gotta pay big Flux for it again.
  • Fixed an issue where all players were granted the Season 2 Ranked participation emblems by accident. They have been removed until the ranked Season actually ends
  • Removed the bonus bar under loot matrices. The functionality is still there! We just wanted to do some more tweaks to it before sending it out into the wild. They say, if you love something, let it go. We donít love it enough yet, we guess.
  • Fixed an issue where Finnís bubble and Zukiís Sticky Bombs were appearing in the incorrect location on Tol-Ren.
  • Fixed an issue on the match summary where the Turns column was in the incorrect place
  • The Khita :keke: emoji now has the correct icon in the collection