Name: (decide for yourself)
Role: Supp
Utilizes drones in order to help team mates, deal damage to enemies and other various things. Almost like Khita, this freelancer can stay behind lines most of the time while still being useful.

(Just concept so numbers are not specified

Primary = Q.C (Quick Call)
Targeter = Line
Desc = Calls in a drone to do a quick attack and stays until at the spot where it stopped until end of turn. Enemies which goes into the drones targeting point (Line, from where the drone is facing) will be shot dealing damage, and allies gets healed. Drone faces where the ability is aimed.

2nd = A.S.D.U (Air Supply Dropping Unit)
Targeter = Circle
Prep, Free, 2 Charges, 2 cool down
Desc = Deploys a drone which drops health pick-ups in a location where it stopped . The drone drops a health pickup every Prep Phase for 3 turns in its current location and can be moved by using the same ability (thus the charges). Health pick-up from A.S.D.U heals more than regular ones.

3rd = Kamikaze
Blast, Free, 4 Cool down
Desc = Commands one drone (any which is on the field) to charge to the nearest enemy it could find and deals damage to them, if no enemies can be found in the radius, it simply explodes on its current location dealing damage to any enemy in the radius.

4th = Drone Surfing
targeter = circle, square (one for chosing dash location, one for landing)
Dash, 6 cool down
Desc = Summons an A.S.D.U to jump on and dashes to the destined location with A.S.D.U dropping a health pick-up at the location where it stopped and the freelancer lands in a chosen location around the A.S.D.U. The A.S.D.U from this ability only lasts until end of turn.

Ult = D.I.P (Drone Invasion Protocol)
targeter = Circle, Line x2 (for the Q.Cs) (total 5 clicks)
Blast, Free, 75 energy - 100 energy
Desc = Summons two Q.Cs and one A.S.D.U (A.S.D.U goes last). If 100 energy is used instead, ALL drones on the field gets 1 extra turn lifetime . Can't be used