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Thread: Damage Incorporated Recruiting

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    Damage Incorporated Recruiting

    [DI-XII] Collateral Damage is looking for new members to join the ranks.
    We're a part of Damage Incorporated Clan the Atlas Reactor Division (12th Division).

    We are the largest gaming organization active in Atlas Reactor with 2 competitive teams and 2 casual teams.

    You might have seen [DI]Odin's Messengers, [DI]Warbotics, [DI]Apeiron Guards or [DI]Collateral Damage in the tournaments.
    Our Atlas Reactor division consists of 40+ members and growing.
    Our Multi gaming Clan consists of 400+ members.

    The European team [DI]Collateral Damage are looking for ppl interested in competitive games so we can head to tournaments
    with full roster and team that can work well together.

    Our main form of communication is through TEAMSPEAK!!!

    Team Leader: Trachinus Draco (Discord: [DI]Trachinus Draco#0329)
    2IC: RebelMC

    Joining us is simple
    - Register to the forums https://forum.dmg-inc.com
    - Make iniative application https://forum.dmg-inc.com/forum/7-initiate-applications
    - Send Private Message to team leader that you're interested in joining the team
    TeamSpeak: ts.dmg-inc.com

    If you want to join us:
    - Don't multi clan (be in another clan whilst in DI) (If DI is in the game/server/world you're in, you are expected to support us.)
    - Be active on our forums and TeamSpeak
    - Add "-DI-" to your Steam Name (if you use steam)
    - Communicate fluently in English and be aged over 15+

    This is not duplicate post. DO NOT DELETE.
    We're specifically looking for European players for our team. Anyone is welcome to join the other teams if they join ofc (mostly Americans)

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    Team leader change in the near future.
    You can still pm me if interested in joining the team.

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