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    2 Tol-ren questions

    I have 2 questions about 2 abilitys

    Q1: extra dmg from his shield - how long is it held, will it be wasted if my attack miss or is it held till i actualy do dmg

    Q2: ult refunds 50 energy - when i know my enemy is in bush and i ult them but thay fleash away do i get the energy back? since when in stealth i dont see dmg im about to do so does it count for refund?

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    1) it lasts until you perform your next damaging ability. Currently, you can not reactivate ren's fury again until you have consumed that extra damage by using a damaging ability. This MAY change. But you can not, and will not be able to gain another stack of bonus damage if you were to hold it until it comes off cooldown again and activate it again.
    2) Yes, the game knows that you would have hit an enemy, so it will refund you 50 energy.

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    thank you for answering

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