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Thread: What mods are you using for Tol-Ren?

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    What mods are you using for Tol-Ren?

    I haven't got into PvP yet, just messing around against bots last night. Sort of settled on what I want to try, wondering what other people are using right now. Me:
    1: Haste. I'm torn between Haste and full damage against every target, but leaning Haste. I think positioning and movement are going to be vital and getting Haste from your primary is a fantastic way to ensure you can get where you want to be.
    2: +20 shield if no other action taken. This mod for 1 point is the only one to take as far as I'm concerned. I kind of can't see it making it live without the price increasing or the extra shield being reduced to 10.
    3: Reduce CD but no longer slows. Having a long, curving, piercing ranged attack on a 2 turn CD is awesome.
    4: Haste. See point 1. Also, a Haste move after a dash rules.
    5: Movement. Torn between that and longer range, but... see point 1.
    Basically everything is geared toward sacrificing some damage for better mobility and survivability.

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    My build:
    Haste is key on a melee freelancer. Full damage sounds nice but more often than not it's over-excessive, as you'll only be hitting one person. If you really want damage, take the extra damage if both strikes hit.
    25 Shields for me personally, since I don't really want the downtime. 25 Shields is enough to tank any non-mighted support AA (bar Khita's 26 damage). And it's 5 under Turtle Tech. :P
    Gain shields on hit. Honestly, every mod for this ability is kinda bad. It's one of the few abilities that I'd recommend not taking any mods on. Shields on hit is the only mod that works all the time and has no downsides. The damage ramp is situational, the extra range gives you chase potential at the price of damage output, and removing the slow removes all chase potential for damage output. The shielding mod gives a nice little boost to survivability and doesn't hamper any of your other abilities.
    +Damage. See the point about the full damage mod on his AA. This is doubled with his dash. You'll hardly ever hit more than one person with his dash, so you may as well do full damage. :P
    Weaken is a godsend. Having a long-ranged dash that can stop the enemy from dealing full damage to your support is great. The range is usually long enough to get where you need to be, and likewise with the movement after you're done. Knock down all does look like it would have the potential for massive impact, but seems far too situational to be good. (As are most piercing mods) The 15% extra damage intake? It's a scary thing sure, and you can potentially 0-to-death someone if they're focused by your team, but in general its way too aggressive for a 3 point mod.

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    Let's see, for now I did:
    1) Haste
    2) +5 shields always
    3) +shields next turn
    4) Haste
    5) Move at slowed rate after use.

    The range also seems good on his ultimate, though, and costs the same.

    It's worth noting that this is still early on and may change, of course.

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    I still think the +20 shield is where it's at. It's not that you're not taking an action every time you shield. It's that it's there if you need it. It's also super perfect to couple with the healing cat without running away or wasting another turn. I've had plenty of moments that have gone like this:

    -Get stuck out of melee range with no CDs but in range of multiple enemy attacks
    -Free action shield for 40 plus 15 health catalyst
    -Full sprint at end of turn to enemy of choice
    -Next turn gives damage plus 10 and another 15 health

    I've tanked mighted Zuki ults and ended up with more health than I started with. To me that is worth more than 5 shields every 4 turns.

    And it costs 1 point, allowing a 3 point mod somewhere else.

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    For me Tol-Ren is like a cruise missile.

    It's not really if you are going to die, it's when.

    So honestly I build for damage.

    Cross slash
    Way of the dragon
    Spirit Transfer
    Momentum or sou splitter.

    That extra 5 dmg on ability use really adds up with might and multiple targets from Spirit rend.

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