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Thread: Grey: Mod discussion

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    Grey: Mod discussion

    I love Grey

    Her concept is very clear and compelling. The idea of a hunter that will not let their prey escape is a great inspiration for a Lancer, and her abilities are very fitting. The strength of vision makes balancing Grey difficult but I believe there are a few mod tweaks that could open up design space for Grey.

    Primary - Current viable options are energy or damage in my opinion.

    Lowering the cooldown of Hawk Drone is far too expensive at 3 mod points, since you can usually position for another primary next turn; I would make this a 1 point mod. Is there another option? If there is I don't even remember it.

    A 3-point mod that I would consider taking would be applying weaken to tracked targets. This would fit her theme of drugging her targets and add utility to a lower damage playstyle.

    Hawk Drone - This is the ability that defaults to a single mod choice in my opinion: hit invisible/camouflage targets. It is a reliable mod that can be used to consistently deny an area of the map.

    I highly recommend making this effect baseline for the drone. If you do all the other existing mods become viable, although mod costs may need to be reevaluated as a result.

    Dart/Escape No issues - several viable options.

    Cage Ult - Current options that see use are extra damage, extra range or reveal if you have a point left over. None of these options are very compelling, and are usually taken based on points remaining.

    I recommend changing the reveal mod to apply Track instead. This is Grey, she tracks things :O The only 3 point mod suggestion I have ever come up with is increase Cage duration by one turn.

    These are my ideas, based on my opinions and probably 500 games with Grey. What are your thought? Please chime in here

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    good observations, good ideas.

    another idea for an ult 3-pointer could be applying weaken or slow next turn to targets rooted by crossing the cage.

    (on that note, I really have no clue why the reveal mod on the ult doesn't apply tracked, it would be so intuitive and consistent!)

    and to be fair, the dash only has one viable option in my opinion, i.e. the wider landing area. invisibility mod is worthless.
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    I forgot I posted this, thanks for the response

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    I was told to bump this on the Community stream today #BlameJames

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    Actually double darts are looking awkward. I think two charges for 3 points can be a good option.
    And yes, when all mods for ultimate are just fillers... eels bad man...

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