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Thread: False hope with new map/catalysts

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    False hope with new map/catalysts

    It has been MONTHS since they announced that the new Warbotics map and Catalysts were in the works. They even gave us a good reveal, but it is absolute BS that every stream when we ask when they are coming out they give us the usual "It's coming soon" or "It's in the works". Is this a ploy to keep us interested in the game and to increase its longevity? If it's going to take months and months after mentioning them, then what will happen with other new additions to the game? Are they going to take another good portion of a year to release like these have? It is taking too long and our excitement, if not already, is running out. We can understand that there needs to be time to perfect and balance but us die-hard Atlas fans are struggling to stay mentally invested when we don't receive these changes that were teased at after months and months of waiting. This has become a stigma with Trion.

    Can we have a dev shed more light on why they are still not released after all these months? Does Trion need to hire more devs? Does there need to be a shift of focus from the minor lancer changes and seasonal chapters to bigger things like a new a map and catalysts? Can the devs be more transparent on this issue and about content releases in general? I didn't even get an official response on my previous forum post about Player Profile inspects. I can also assume that something that simple and fun, which seems to be a basic functionality across all mobas, won't be implemented any time soon.

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    Thanks for we have those daily skins quests because I don't think I would connect everyday otherwise. What sticks me to the game is the PPL season starting this sunday.

    As much as I love the game, I've got some bored vibes going on. What has slowly put me off the game is the ranked system. I think that from bronze to diamond, I haven't seen any improvement in the game level. I feel a huge lack of challenges, real challenges. If going up in ranks doesn't mean I'll have to play against higher skill opponent, than what's the point? The only way for me to have a decent game is to participate in tournaments or doing scrims with my team. #Eelsbadman

    Getting skins is cool but skins are not really what make the game great. To be honest, I think graphics and skins are probably the weakest aspect of AR. What, I would like to see instead is new maps. Not only one map but mapS. A decent tutorial and challenging missions that would be relevant even for high tiers players.

    I'm also really waiting on the new catalysts. As it'll really change the gameplay.

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    Warbotics lost so they had to redesign the entire map. :^)

    But really: Map design takes a lot of time. I know some people just think it's as easy as "place some tiles on a map", but I know from experience from being part of the Awesomenauts community and waiting for the Starstorm Station map that creating a good map that is fun and balanced to play on can take upwards of years to create. Trion has more developers, yes, but more developers working on the same thing doesn't always mean faster development speed. Also, Atlas Reactor (let's face it) is much more complex than a 2D brawler-esque MOBA like Awesomenauts. They have to design the map so that characters like Lockwood/Asana/Byrnn, Oz, Celeste, Gremolitions, and Helio have places where they can use their character-specific abilities consistently. And even after setting up all the tiles so the map feels unique and plays well: they still have to design the art assets, or else make the map look like a mish-mash of EVOS Lab, Reactor Core, and the practice room. Art assets easily take the most time with map design, but the actual design of the map is a very complex process as well.
    And as for catalysts: what's fine in theory is rarely fine in practice. A lot of the ideas Trion proposed for new catalysts may not be as easy to implement as they seem. In particular for the "dash to an ally" catalyst they teased: How far should you be able to dash? Should the catalyst be global? Where should you dash in relation to your ally? To the closest available tile? In a 1 tile radius? (Kaigin dash) In a 2 tile radius? (Quark dash) More? (Asana ult dash?!) Should you dash to where your ally was, or where they're dashing to? There are a zillion and one design and balance questions that need to be asked about this catalyst alone. There is also the risk of incredibly overpowered synergies being made. In particular I can imagine how BS the "teleport to an ally" catalyst would be with Helio. Chasing a Grey? No you aint! Because Helio just teleported beside her with Black Hole and Grey just placed a cage around herself. And you all just got hit by a Zuki ult oh damn that's an Ace! One-shot trick-shot maybe, but that one shot might be enough to win the game through the use of what I would humbly call a cheap tactic.

    So at the end of the day: game design takes a long time. Assigning more developers might sound like the right idea, but in reality all this will do is create confusion over the sere mass of the work force working on one project. No one is to blame for the slow development of these things. If Trion should be blamed for anything, it should be for overhyping is with the promise of a new map and new catalysts. But I'm sure they're working their hardest: it's just that these projects take a hell-a long to make.

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    I understand the confusion/impatience on waiting for teased things I feel the same for Asha Asana and Grey skins but Lore may play into things.

    Im surprised the fact we direct how Atlas evolves isn't shared more this very aspect of the game makes it so much more interesting than many others and I wouldn't be surprised it will have some effects on what/how new content rolls out as the Devs are probably learning too. They've improved on not sharing things too far in advance +1.

    The Chapters will need to head in the direction of a new map.

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