Name: Netik, The Duality

Role: Frontliner

Trust: Wildcard

A product of a power surge with the gift to change magnetism at will.

1 (Blast): "Magnetic Surge" [Primary]
Two Opposite Cones
Releases two opposite blasts of magnetic energy around you, dealing moderate damage to enemies hit.

2 (Blast): " Flux Spike" [Medium Cooldown]
Two Opposite Lines
Focuses magnetic energy into two power spikes. Enemies caught take moderate damage and are pushed away or dragged towards you depending on the spike.

3 (Prep - Free Action): "Overcharge" [Short Cooldown]
Self Buff
Create an electric shield around yourself that absorbs a low amount of damage and increases the area affected of your abilities this turn.

4 (Dash): "Polarity Shift" [Medium Cooldown]
Small Area of Effect
Surges to a location, dealing low damage to enemies where you start and end. Has a minimum range.

Ult (Blast): "Power Wave" [Requires 100 Energy]
Large Area of Effect centered on Netik
Pushes enemies close to Netik away and pulls enemies far away closer. Deals moderate damage to all enemies hit.

Passive: Netik's attacks charges enemies with a positive or negative charge for two turns. When an enemy has both they implode taking low damage, removing both charges.

Magnetic Surge Mods:
"Gigasurge"- 1 - Increases the size of Magnetic Surge's blast cones.
"Resonating Surge"- 2 - Deals increased damage if there's an enemy caught in each blast. [Default]
"Purity Protocol"- 2 - Removes all powerups active on damaged enemies. Deal bonus damage for each.
"Power Overwhelming" - 3 - If Magnetic Surge causes an enemy to implode, they drop a small Energize powerup.

Flux Spike Mods:
"Power Spike"- 1 - Greatly increases length and damage of the spikes, but they now slow instead of moving enemies.
"Field Work" - 2 - Reduces cooldown if each spike hits an enemy.
"Crushing Power"- 2 - If Flux Spike causes an enemy to implode, weaken them next turn. [Default]

"Flux Cushion"- 3 - Greatly increases the move effect on targets already charged.

Overcharge Mods:
"Dynamo"- 1 - Only grants half shield. Heals a small amount.
"Overflowing Energies"- 1 - Grants a small shield to nearby allies.
"Powerbank" - 2 - Also grants you Might for the turn. [Default]

"Brain Waves"- 3 - In the blast phase, reduces all other active cooldowns slightly.

Polarity Shift Mods:
"Shifting Energies"- 1 - Grants additional energy.
"Bipolar Reaction" - 2 - Also removes all debuffs. [Default]

"High Frequence"- 2 - Reduces cooldown but removes damage.
"Reverse Polarity"- 3 - If Polar Shift causes an enemy to implode, root them this turn.

Power Wave Mods:
"Bound to the Core"- 1 - Increases damage but causes you to become Immobile and Unstoppable this turn.
"Conductor" - 1 - Next turn, enemies imploding take more damage.
"Electromagnetism"- 2 - Reduces cooldown of Overcharge when activated.
"Re-usable Power" - 2 - If Distortion Wave causes an enemy to implode, regain some energy. [Default]

"Magnetic Tide"- 3 - Weaken enemies pulled and Scramble enemies pushed until the end of the next turn.

Where as Quark come from the reactor itself, Netik has never been within the security zone itself. A young engineer that during the birth of Quark happened to be connected to a reactor leyline, Mr. A. Netik became something more. Some scientists have tried explaining the entity that Netik has become but as multiple Omni science divisions have returned without equipment their work has halted.

Now Netik has entered the city itself and with it comes a magnetic storm. Sparkling with power the entity has been documented in destroying freighters, labs, and entire computer banks, without a clear reason. It seems the being searches for something and in its wake it leaves nothing but wrecked vehicles and sparkling plates.

Kitha: Kitha is the only being not attracted to Netik, which has made it attracted to her.

Orion: The demigod seemingly have little positive energy to spare for reactor mishaps.