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Thread: Khita: Why she's too good.

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    Khita: Why she's too good.

    EDIT: Apparently I missed the boat when soon-to-be changes were posted late yesterday night. They don't feel harsh enough to me, but I'm glad the team is roughly on the same page.

    Alright, I know this is pretty early to be talking. I like to give new characters (in any game, not just atlas) a few days or ideally a few weeks before I criticize them, but I think Khita is pretty flatly overpowered.

    Remember that giant thread I made concerning Frontliners a while back? In there, I talked about why good free actions are incredibly strong tools that can carry even an otherwise-mediocre kit. Well, Khita is a GOOD kit with a strong free action.

    I think the key is to compare her not to other supports...but to firepowers. I do think she's better than many supports, but there's many intangibles at play there which make direct comparison difficult:
    First off, her Primary attack is nuts for a non-firepower, and at least average if not better even by firepower standards. It's comparable to Lockwood's primary, at only four less damage, and similar levels of versatility. Other supports don't rival her ability to focus a target, and require specific (often very niche) setups to get better overall value. Plus, the thing nets 12 energy a pop. Yikes.
    Resonance shield is pretty darn good. Folks have compared it to Aurora's phazer lazer tazer blazer thing, but I'm not super bothered by a 1-to-1 comparison there favoring this skill. I do think it'd be totally reasonable to knock the cooldown up by one turn to 4, as the 30-shield combined with the relative ease of weakening a chasing Melee character is not too difficult at all to set up, and makes the skill compare somewhat favorably to Finn's Bubble Shield, but hey. Regardless, this skill is obviously useful and widely applicable.
    I don't want to make this too much of a wall of text, so I'd like to suffice to say her dash is a good way to shrug pressure and deal some minor damage. Very competitive with many other dash skills on a 1-to-1 basis.
    Arguably her ult would be her least outstanding feature, but it builds pretty fast, is useful in almost every situation imaginable, and has hard CC. You can hardly complain about it.
    TL;DR of the above: She's got good options to start with. As a 130 HP character, with the above, I would possibly consider playing her even without her Free action.

    But then there's the mark (Take Aim). The mark, IMHO, pushes her overall utility way over the median. 4 turn CD, free action, always-hits, target hands out 25 HP to anyone who smacks em in the next two turns. Considering it's got decent range, high flexibility, and a payoff that easily rivals skills that eat your turn (EG, it's not hard to get it to compare with Finn's heal), I would say Khita's overall kit is too good.

    Khita has demi-firepower damage and range, is as evasive as the best of lancers, has good CCs, and offers top-of-the-line EHP support...none of which are individually insane, but she does all these things at once. And to pay for all these advantages...she has ten more HP than a firepower instead of thirty more. She's frustratingly resilient to pressure, whilst pumping out high value each turn from basically any position on the map.

    I think there are multiple ways to go about nerfing the gal, since she's good at so many things. My own preferred route, though, would be to reduce healing from the mark by about 5-10, and possibly adding a turn to Resonance Burst CD. That way, she'd play more like a legitimate hybrid of a Firepower and a Support instead of a full Support with half a firepower tagged on for free.

    TL;DR: Khita is too good because she's balanced as if she didn't have any free actions, but she actually has a great one.

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    Aside from powers, her taunts kind of irked me for a while. That is, until yesterday. I know she has a saying where she mentions Titus but I haven't cared too much to catch exactly what she was saying. However, in a match yesterday, I caught her imitating Titus' yell of, "FACE ME COWARDS!", but she didn't even finish it. Instead she cut off, laughing and followed up with, "He's so corny". I could not stop laughing for at least 5 minutes. New-found appreciation for her character.

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