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Thread: Khita is everything I wanted in a support.

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    Khita is everything I wanted in a support.

    Well, maybe the support bit is a little off, but the ability to actually MARK targets in a tactical game is everything I've ever wanted, and while Titus can do that as well, I've never really been in love with his Kit.

    Khita, however, doesn't have a skill I don't like using.

    While I wish she had a rifle (Personal preference; I played Spectre in Operation Racoon City, always play as a rifle using, eye augmented dude in Shadowrun, and am always the guy designating targets), I'm not going to complain about it one bit. You guys nailed the playstyle I love on this character, thank you

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    Agreed, she will be my main for a LOOOONG time I think, unless she gets hit hard with the nerfstick

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    Khita and Su-Ren really feel like the "tryhard support main" supports of this game to me. While Su-Ren is much more healing oriented, Khita's huge arsenal is great for "babysitting the babies".

    I didn't get to experience old OP release Su-Ren, because at the time I still didn't have the full game. But now that Khita's supposedly getting the nerf bat I hope she doesn't become too weak.

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