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Thread: How is it even possible to progress in solo ranked?

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    Also play some overpower matches to help with positioning. I have found that if you are only getting killed once there you will be more than likely able to not die in a normal match no probs. I have been learning kaigen there and its helped my reg matches tremendously. I went 7-0-7 in overpower with him and thats translating into an easy 3-0-3 regular match. If you dont die and can secure kills moving up shouldn't be a problem but it does take effort and some heavy carrying. Ill be happy of i can stay above ex in contender at this point but we joked about racing to 0 points because as it stands now i need to win 2 to 3 matches to make up the point loss from just 1 loss. If you want any help ever find me i game or on discord. Im always willing to help out most people

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    Eventually it put my team of halfwits against a pair of contenders three times in a row and I had to take a break from the game to salvage what was left of my sanity. Now that I'm back I'm having a good time though. The secret is to just never, ever play ranked until they have enough players that matchmaking isn't completely broken, and they let us 4vs4 7 days a week. I'm having a lot more fun now that I'm sticking to PvP with friends.

    Quote Originally Posted by atlasbroken View Post
    you happen to be on my flist

    i never really thought you were a good player tho

    and didn't seem to understand some basics
    You've never been on my friend list, and I don't recognize your name.

    Quote Originally Posted by atlasbroken View Post
    i started rank only this season and got into gold currently
    Considering I hit gold shortly after making this thread, if I didn't understand the basics neither did you. Good job insulting yourself though.

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    Huh, and here I thought this thread would be about how its impossible to rank in solo ranked because someone sees the other team get an Asana and quits the queue meaning you get to wait for a game for another 10 minutes. (Exaggerating, but same point)
    So far I have played a total of 2 ranked games ever, but have queued 6 times.
    Honestly, I don't even play ranked because of THAT fact.

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    Careful about the date of the thread you're replying to, hehe.

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