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Thread: Rangatang, The Returning Ape

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    Rangatang, The Returning Ape

    Name: Rangatang, The Returning Ape

    Role: Firepower

    Uses high-tech rocket powered boomerangs to fight.

    Primary (1) (Blast): "Rocketrang"
    Throw a boomerang 7 squares in a slightly curved line. The attack deals 20 direct damage to all targets in its path. The boomerang ends the turn at the end of it's path. On the following turn the rocketrang boosts its rockets to return straight to Rangatang searing through walls and ignoring cover dealing 20 indirect damage to all enemies in it's path.

    2 (Blast): "BOOMerang" cd 3 turns
    Before returning target Rocketrang emits a 5 by 5 blast that deals 35 direct damage to all enemies.

    3 (prep): "Lazerang" 4 turn cd
    Free action
    Your boomerangs leave lasers on their paths for this turn that deal 20 indirect damage to the first enemy that cross through them and last until the end of next turn.

    4 (Dash): "Diving pass" 5 turn cd
    Dash 6 spaces and throw a Rocketrang.

    Ult (Blast): "Triple Up” 100 energy
    Throw 3 Rocketrangs in any direction the first dealing 20 damage and an additional 5 damage per extra hit. Reset the cd of diving pass.

    Rangatang is Finn's nephew.
    Possible voice lines - “I'll be back” “I threw a boomerang once that never came back. Now I live in constant fear”
    Still thinking about mods and possible changes to the kit but wanted to post what I have so far to see what people think.

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    Bumping cause....bro

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    Aha! It got made into Nev3, awesome.

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