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Thread: Firefly, the Fire Fighter

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    Lightbulb Firefly, the Fire Fighter

    crossposted from the reddits

    'cuz she fights using fire, see?
    Hi! This'll be my first fanmade character concept, which I thought we needed a niche for - damage over time. It's an underutilized feature, only used in area denial abilities or 'delayed' damage abilities like Aurora's damage field, Celeste's trap and Zuki's, uh, kit, but no real damage over time abilities.

    Names are placeholders and aren't final or anything, they're just kind of goofy and dumb for now.

    Implementation of damage over time

    My suggestion on how to implement it would be a debuff that ticks for a small amount of damage in the blast phase each turn. The reverse of a Heal buff, basically. Getting rid of a damage over time debuff is as simple as dashing (stop, drop n' roll!) or being healed, perhaps.

    Character Concept

    Firefly is a robot originally designed for firefighting, which has been heavily modified into virtually the opposite of its original purpose. Originally just a simple robot with limited used by the then Warbotics-funded firecorps, Firefly was stolen by rebels who weren't happy about the Trusts' influence and power over the people and even life and death. The rebels modified her chassis and upgraded her software, turning what'd previously been foam-firing nozzles into makeshift flamethrowers, loading her up with enough thermite to level a small cityblock and gave her enough sentience to make her own decisions in their guerilla wars. Of course, sentience has long been a problem to wrangle in Atlas, so it's no surprise that even here it went wrong. Firefly's sentience developed in a way that they really should've seen coming - into a self-aware, anarchistic and fire-happy robot who soon demanded to get her upper chassis modified into a feminine form more in keeping of her own image of herself. In time, Firefly became a thorn in the Trusts' side through repeated guerilla attacks as part of the rebel cell, her volatile efficiency giving the trusts a hard time indeed.

    All good things come to an end, though, and the rebel cell was eventually captured and mostly wiped out - with Firefly given the choice of either joining Hyperbotics as a Freelancer, or getting turned to scrap. Firefly, not wanting to get destroyed after having gotten her sentience, agreed to their terms, reasoning that it gave her a better idea of what a Trust looked like from the inside - and better opportunities for wiping one out in the future, emboldened in particular after seeing the Freelancers able to bring even Atlas and Warbotics both to their knees in the past.

    Firefly also loves herself some hot puns, so that's great.


    Firefly is a bulky, humanoid robot with a somewhat feminine torso. Her head is shaped like a futuristic fire-fighter's helmet with a single visual sensor in the front. Her arms are both flamethrowers, attached to two large fuel tanks on her back. She's fairly armored as you'd expect a robot originally designed to be in the DANGERZONE, and subsequently modified to be an attack-bot to be, but not as much as some of her counterparts designed for straight warfare.


    For the purpose of this, we'll call the damage over time debuff 'Burn'. Burn deals a small amount of damage each turn it's active on a Freelancer. It does not stack, but can be refreshed with new applications. It's also removed through dashing and cancelled out by healing over time.

    1: Flamethrower
    Blast Phase

    Firefly sweeps her flamethrowers and deals moderate across a fairly large cone-shaped area, dealing more damage towards the middle where they intersect. It applies Burn to all enemies hit. First ability, doesn't cost anything to use.

    2: Barbeque
    Blast Phase

    Firefly fires a glob of burning goo to an area, where it stays for 2-3 turns. This can be fired over walls. Getting hit by it deals high damage in the middle and less in the outskirts. On subsequent turns the damage is reduced, and is reduced every turn it stays as the fire goes out. Energy gain is also reduced alongside it. It applies Burn to whoever takes damage from it.

    3: Trailblazer
    Dash Phase

    Firefly points her flamethrowers behind herself and uses them to propel herself in the targeted direction, leaving a fairly narrow trail of fire behind her. This fire lingers until end of next turn, causing moderate damage to enemies who are hit or pass through it and, you guessed it, applies Burn.

    4: Fire It Up
    Prep Phase

    Firefly gains Might and gains increased area and range on all abilities used on the same turn as this ability. Flamethrower's middle cone gets bigger and the overall range gets longer. Barbeque gets a larger radius. Trailblazer gets a wider trail. Inferno gets 360 degrees instead of just being a wide cone.

    Ultimate - 100 Energy Cost - Blast Phase

    Firefly sprays highly volatile fuel out over a large area. Enemies that are hit are covered in fuel, and marked for a turn. If they take damage from one of Firefly's abilities or her Burn effects while they're marked, they take a very high amount of damage. It of course applies Burn itself too, but only if they actually take damage from it. The lingering damage effects on Trailblazer and Barbeque are also refreshed if they're hit.

    Tell me what you think! Like the idea? What mods do you imagine she could have? What skins would you imagine would work well?

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    Wow. You and I have some very similar ideas~

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    Whilst I like the ideas for everything I have some other ideas I think that would make the character really unique compared to the rest of the roster.
    First, the ultimate is instead the primary, so a primary that does no damage but applies the gloop, so it's similar to p[haedras bugs I suppose, but what this would allow is the flamethrower to be the ultimate. Instead of being a 100 energy cost it starts at 5 energy required and is a free action, which is a constant flamethrower that deal low damage (10 maybe?) but is always active as long as the skill is active (similar to juno ulti except they can move which moves the targeter)(similar to rumbles q in Lol if you've played it). I think this might be a bit too complex for the developers right now but would definitely be a super unique freelancer.

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