Role: Firepower
Difficulty: Easy
Description: A tempted soul, never seen without a gun and hard to give up a grudge.

Lore -
Tom Collier is a seasoned gunman that works in private parties, funded by any payer he will execute the job but doesn't see himself as a hitman, Collier might be doing dirty jobs and look shameless in killing but his morale compass is set straight. Get money, get out; it makes it easier to not ask questions because only then will he begin to create memories. Collier has a tendency to do the right thing in any bad situation, scavenged by a band of a group of fighters that formed on the outbreak of the Atlas Reactor, think to themselves of being pirates. Collier doesn't care, the pay is good and can't complain about the company. His party leader requests missions and as the recruits they fulfill the objective. Collier only overheard once about his company talking about their leader, saying she was ex-Omnitrust or ex-Evosolution.

Stats -
Moderate 150 HP

First ability - Training field: You unleash a couple of shots from your handgun in a skillshot of 1x5 (width x length), dealing 25 indirect damage to any, one, target hit. (No cooldown)(Blast phase)
1 cost mod: Increase range to 6
2 cost mod: Increase damage to 28
2 cost mod: Enemies shot are revealed for the end of the turn
2 cost mod: 10 bonus energy granted if enemy is hit

Second ability - Mending grenade: You throw a grenade that has a range of 6 (grids) away from self, which will release a cloud of bio-synthetics to recover 25 lost health to any allies within range of 2 (grid radius) after a turn delay. The grenade will only react after a turn delay, during the next turn 'Prep phase'. The grenade cannot be thrown over walls. (Prep phase)(5 cooldown)
1 cost mod: Increase healing radius to 3 (grids)
1 cost mod: Can throw grenades over walls
2 cost mod: If allies healths are below 50%, the ability will heal for 35 health
3 cost mod: If an enemy is caught within the radius of the grenade they are unable to receive any buffs (damage, speed, healing) from any source until the end of the turn.

Third ability - Shine flare: A flare gun is shot vertically above yourself to counteract any vision debuffs and provides 'True sight' to the user, either increased vision distance or can see invisible enemies (if within range). Unable to decide on which one?? (Prep phase)(4 cooldown)
1 cost mod: Decrease cooldown to 3 turns
2 cost mod: Grant 'Haste' for this turn
2 cost mod: Grant 'Might' for the next turn
3 cost mod: Allies within close proximity are also granted the bonus of 'True sight'

Fourth ability - Fury gunner: You can shoot 5 times in 5 different directions, with a skillshot path of 1x4 (width x length). You are able to shoot 1-5 times based on the energy you are holding, each 25 energy segment allows you to shoot an additional time. Dealing 20 indirect damage and only 5 additional direct damage each attack on a previously hit enemy. (Blast phase)(4 cooldown)
1 cost mod: Increase subsequent attack damage to 6
2 cost mod: Gain a shield equal to 25% of the damage dealt with this ability next turn
2 cost mod: Reduce cooldown to 0 if you assisted or killed an enemy
3 cost mod: At 100 energy, you can shoot in a large cone similar to Lockwood's wide shot but can be fired in two directions with a lesser arc.

Ultimate ability - Far slung grenade: A heavy artillery explosive is launched from a customised grenade launcher, the explosive will be shot during 'Prep phase' and explode during 'Blast phase', having a range of up to 8 (grids) distance and dealing 40 indirect damage in a radius of 3 (grids). This ability can be shot over walls. (Blast phase)(100 energy)
1 cost mod: Decrease damage to 35 but is now classified as 'direct damage'
2 cost mod: Will additional 'slow' enemies hit
2 cost mod: Each enemy hit grants 10 additional energy
3 cost mod: The explosion will apply 'Knockback' to enemies hit.

Design -
Gender: Male
Age: 28 years
Body build: Fit body, broad shoulders
Armour: Black S.W.A.T. inspired gear, kevlar vest with loaded magazines only on the left pockets, knife holster on right thigh, gas mask cover only bottom half of face, revealing eyes (Green colour), blonde hair, straps from shoulders hang loosely and reconnect to waist belt, pistol holster on kevlar jacket, high army boots, right glove fingerless other is not.
Weapon: M416 iron sights and dual magazine, M9 Beretta sidearm

Just been reading too much community concepts too not post one for old times sake. Another soldier scheme, always did like playing the typical soldier in any game.