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Thread: Atlas Reactor 101

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    Atlas Reactor 101

    Here are some beginners guides that I wrote to offer some information and tips for new players. I meant to put the full text from each into posts here in the forums, but I ran into some formatting issues and image size issues, so forgive my laziness in posting links back to the original articles.

    Part 1: Movement & Stats.
    In the first part I go over some basics concerning moving around the game map and discuss how to read health and energy stats.

    Part 2: Cover & Concealment.
    Here I discuss the ever important aspects of using cover to reduce damage so that your freelancer can survive longer. I also get into concealment mechanics such as fog of war, brush, and stealth.

    Part 3: Status Effects & Power Orbs.
    This article goes over how the different status effects work in the game, how they work with and against each other, and those delicious power orbs you find around the map.

    Part 4: Phases & Simulating Simultaneity
    The last of the 101 series talks about the turn-based mechanics a little, and how the game simulates simultaneity to help new players better understand why certain skills activate during certain times and can have greater or lesser effect.

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    When talking about different covers I think you used the wrong freelancer:"while Blackburn’s bullets will simply bounce off of full cover" unless you meant they won't do anything, but i'd change the wording if that was the case. we don't want people mistaking the last soldier for a certain crafty gunslinger.

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