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Thread: Uller, the Mad Ice Themed Freelancer (/w Unique Lore)

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    Uller, the Mad Ice Themed Freelancer (/w Unique Lore)

    I'm still working on a name for this 'lancer, however I'd probably stick it along the lines of "Uller" after the norse god of winter/skiing/hunting.

    Role: Support

    Description: Cold Gun themed, Unstable Madman, with a twist!
    Controls the battlefield with slows, area denial, ally buffs and the ability to turn a round into a 3v4 fight by freezing an opponent solid.

    Lore; Uller was not always a freelancer, he started out as a simple, lowly Reactor Mechanic (or Omni scientist), working beneath the reactor doing the dirty work of cleaning pipes and maintaining disrepair, working in the deepest darkest guts and innards of Atlas, below the scientists, staff and everyone of importance. The lowest of low jobs.
    During his time beneath the reactor he began complaining of a strange sound... a sound that no one else could seem to pick up. A deep rumbling sound?... He reported the noise many times to his superiors, but they all ignored him, telling him it was probably just a loose pipe.
    Becoming superstitious and fearful, after many months underneath Atlas, Uller eventually came to the conclusion that the reactor was sentient.... and these rumbling sounds were the sound of Hunger.
    The reactor constantly put out so much energy, meeting our every need, but could it keep going forever? (Ofcourse! Anyone who would think otherwise must be mad!). Being the only one that could hear it and knowing that something must be done about the reactors constant hunger, Uller set out to create himself a Tool... After that, whether he hacked into the reactor directly to gain immortality, or if he was granted a Freelancer license by people who were convinced or scared by his mad ramblings, Uller was now set to fight for control over the reactor, meeting many powerful opponents, it was the perfect opportunity to null the reactors thirst.

    Uller uses a weapon that, at first glance seems to be some sort of Cold gun, it seems to fire out cold air, chilling people or freezing them solid, able to change climate and freeze surfaces solid. However the true details of the weapon is that it's a gateway, a portal. His gun opens a gateway directly into the center of the reactor, where instead of creating or destroying atoms, it slows them, stealing away their energy to "feed" Atlas. Whilst hyperactive atoms that move alot generate a lot of energy, often in the form of Heat or radiation, the side effect of slowing the targets atoms are near ABSOLUTE ZERO temperatures, as the atoms lose almost all their momentum and stop moving, practically 'freezing' the target solid.

    Like your typical madman, Uller would have tall, wild, messy and dirty blonde spikey hair, almost as high as his head... possibly with a beard too, covered in hanging icicles to match his chilled breath. He would be hunched a little, always visibly shaking, either from madness or the cold, we can't really tell... He rambles a lot to himself and to "Atlas", promising to get it it's next meal, terrified that the Reactor will run out of power any day now. I imagine he would be wearing something similar to old ice climbing/hiking gear, but with a futuristic edge, similar design but made with future tech. He would probably also be covered in papers of mad ramblings, drawings and dairy entries, an old fogged over pair of glasses, scruffy scrapes and rips on his clothing, along with a popsicle frozen to one elbow, generally very messy and too focused to clean up his act.

    Skillset; (Names need serious work)

    Primary 1 - Generic Attack: (Blast) Firing his weapon at it's basic setting, Uller drains the vibration/energy from his targets atoms, chilling the target and causing serious damage and impairing their ability to run. The attack debuffs the target with "Carrier" which prevents them from Sprinting that turn. I imagine it as a thin cone weapon with possibly upgrades adding a larger cone, a weakened form of Slowed, possibly 25% rather than 50%, any maybe even removing Haste/Unstoppable/Might buffs.

    2 Wittynamehere - (Prep) Uller imbues his allies (or his own) weapon with a "forcefield", said forcefield is in fact a flattened and stretched portal that channels directly into Atlas, meaning anything it touches steals energy and chills the target. Gives your ally a buff for 1 turn, granting their next attack a bonus 10-15 damage and the slowing effect. Possibly mod upgrades could increase damage, make it root, grant the ally a shield or minor healing etc.

    3 Sheet of Ice - (Prep) Uller freezes a 2x3 target location, (aimed like Helio's wall), these 6 spaces become Frozen, covering them in Ice for 2 turns (this turn and next). If a target runs over these squares, they take 10 damage as they slip and fall on their butts! Then slide 3 spaces, taking extra damage if they collide with a wall. (Mechanically this would be treated like Knockback, as they enter the square, depending on the direction they entered from, they would suffer knockback 3 in the same direction they were traveling, asif they just got hit from behind. I'm very impressed at how the game works out knockback depending on where your shots angle/land, so I feel this ability would work perfectly with the system you have in place).

    4 Absolute Zero - (Dash Phase) Uller sets his weapon to max setting, opening a direct, one-way portal to Atlas's core, draining almost all of the targets energy it "freezes" them solid in every sense. The target still dashes if they used a dash that phase, however they are then frozen solid, rooted in place and slowed next turn. They cannot preform any actions in the blast phase as they are frozen solid, encased in ice. (However for balance purpose's, being encased in ice I imagine would impart a hefty protective shield or 25-50% damage reduction that turn, making them hard to hurt but removing them from the fight that turn).

    An alternative Ultimate idea is: 4 Climate Storm - (Blast) Uller sets his weapon to maximum and begins draining the energy from all atoms in a large radius, causing a freezing storm to swoop in, blasting the battlefield with ice and snow. This ability would have map wide range (or atleast the biggest, non-LoS required AoE we've seen yet) and inflicts Slow on all enemies. Possibly adding mods to add things like 5-10 damage to the skill, reducing it to a smaller AoE to add a lasting effect on the area or ice tiles etc. I'd like to keep the ultimate rather toned down, since inflicting Slow on the entire enemy team is a very powerful effect.

    Closing thoughts;
    Overall, I view the Freelancer as a semi support with control over the battlefield, denying enemies their sprint, imbueding his allies attacks whilst slowing his opponents, causing hassle on the battlefield with his "wall" like ability and then removing an enemy from the fight for a turn (freezing them solid) or creating havoc with a map wide 1 turn slow allowing his team to capitalize on the chaos.

    I didn't want to go for the generic ice gun guy, I didn't want a Mr.Freeze (tho that would be cool) or Mei, so I wanted to come up with a much more interesting idea, hence his weird lore. Viewing Atlas as some scary entity that he must feed, less the whole human race lose their last Reactor.
    So, since Dr. Finn already got games allowance of silly puns, we couldn't have another ice-pun machine running around, so instead I decided to make him a little crazy and unhinged... in the fun way!

    (Also yes, I know my science is very VERY incorrect, but hey, he's mad from listening to the Atlas Reactor churn and rumble for years, I doubt even HE knows how those weapons he made work anymore!)

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    Interesting idea and always glad to see a new member join the fan based community, personally I think the idea is average not to push you down or anything but the innovation in ability is there but I think your decision of making the lancer's position a 'Support' was a poor choice. When I read your Ullers (Nice name) skill kit he sounds like a disruptor to me and just because he has one ability that can empower an ally's damage and apply slow is not sufficient enough to hold the title of a support. I think you should modify his kit to fit the trait of an 'Assault' Freelancer which relies on subsequent CC waves and damage pokes. I would like to share my thoughts of altering your abilities to make him fit the change:

    Ability 1 (Primary): Generic attack, should have the gun spray in a cone of size to your choice that would apply "Carrier" to each individual hit but decrease the damage the wider the arc becomes.

    Ability 4 : Absolute zero, I think it would be a better alternative to rather incase yourself in ice as a survival kit if you are willing to make the switch to an 'Assault' trait freelancer which would bring out the potential of the character.

    Just some input I thought I would share, regardless it is a new and different idea. Remember to stay active in the community, always like seeing new ideas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SharkShield View Post
    Interesting idea and always glad to see a new member join the fan based community
    Thank you very much! It's nice to see people are actually looking at these ideas, community seemed rather quiet at first but nice to see there are people here haha!

    To cover some of your points, the Primary attack I feel would be more interesting as a long range cone, penetrates targets and does good damage, but can't go wider for easier hits/less damage, if you could widen it he would simply be a better Dr. Finn as the attack debuffs (albeit a minor debuff), I didn't want to copy other 'lancers or similar ideas, which brings me to point 2..

    Aboslute Zero, I didn't want to freeze myself since, well, he would basically be a Mei clone then haha! Something I REALLY wanted to avoid. Ice/Freeze themed heroes have always been my absolute favorite theme, the element I find the coolest, throwing sharp icicles, creating objects/walls from ice, creating slippery surfaces, dangerous climates and freezing people, etc.
    So I preferred the idea of removing opponents from the fight for a turn over freezing myself, preventing them from taking any actions and turning it into a 4v3 for that turn and giving you a huge advantage next turn (since they'd likely be out of position then). Granted there are many other games that do this, make an enemy invulnerable for a turn but in trade they cannot attack or interact either, meaning whilst you can't kill THEM, it does make your team fight into a 5v4 all of a sudden etc. Something I'd be very interested in seeing in this game.

    Also I just wanted to spotlight the idea of a slippery surface, I adore how well the Knockback mechanic is programmed in this game, it's not just straight-line back. Depending on the angle you hit the skill from, you might move 1 square back, then 2 diagonal... or 3 diagonal.. or straight into a wall! I'd love to see this as a trip-wire kind of skill, opponent walks into it, (mechanically gets hit by knockback from the tile they entered from) then slips and "slides" onto their butts interrupting their movement, would be both fun and infuriating haha.

    I completely agree with the classification change however, I only listed him as a Support since.... well, I thought there was only 3 "classes" in the game so to speak, DPS, Tank and Support, I didn't really know where to place him, since he doesn't seem overly offensive, unless we gave him reasonable damage numbers, then he could deal damage and disrupt, but whenever I come to create idea's I always find that less is more, I'd rather create a hero who needs a few buffs to be viable rather than OP out of the gate, all ideas need playtesting and minor tweeks so I'd rather start off on the low side and make things easier

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