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Thread: [PUP] Prowl Protocol - Hunting Dog (Mod).

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    [PUP] Prowl Protocol - Hunting Dog (Mod).

    Hi guys, i was trying this mod and i though i could teleport and move, but seems u cannot and feels like is too bad for a 3cost mod, the teleport is so small doesnt even worth to avoid abilities due the high amount of aoe skills.
    If anyone else agree with me i would like to give the suggestion of either increase the teleport range or let walk a little like Oz teleport.
    Other option would be like a new mod that makes the skill to be a free action.

    Sorry for english(I'm spanish) :P
    Thank you.

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    Well it would indeed be helpful if you could dash 2 boxes in any direction rather than just horizontally. As for free action, that would be too nice, it was why Kaigin's shadowstalker might mod got nerfed. Walk after dash would be good, though probably won't go through since you pretty much got +invis+might when you use it. They'd probably take out +might if they do change it.

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    I'm a PuP main and the main reason I don't use this mod is because you can't move afterwards. This massively limits your offensive potential with what's arguably PuP's main gimmick, essentially turning him into a Frontliner who uses evasion instead of high health to survive.
    More often than not Dog Shelter (my favorite Prowl Protocol mod) does exactly what Hunting Dog does without gimping your mobility. Sure you can dodge a Gremolitions bomb with the dash, but unless you're dodging a dash-phase attack (Elle, Kaijin, Oz, etc.) the tiny dash distance will normally not save you.

    Either make the range on par with Fade/Fetter or allow the player to move at regular speed (the speed after using an attack, as opposed to the speed after not using an attack) from the dash location. These would make this mod much stronger as a whole.

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