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Thread: TMI - Too Many Ideas. Freelancer Concpets and etc.

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    Post TMI - Too Many Ideas. Freelancer Concpets and etc.

    Mine little page with ideas. I need help with translate the text into English.

    I made this page, because very often, to me will come the concepts of ideas, and to create for each individual Post - not a good solution. So I'm just going to write them here.

    It will be located not only ideas about new freelancers, but also about improving the game and forum

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    Here you can Find


    Kaigin Rework

    Fun Mode: Double Fun




    Lars (A LOT OF IDEAS)

    Bounce-Bullets Mod

    Crow Scarer

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    All text Sponsored by Goodle

    Perhaps I'll start with the forum. Very bad colors, to create the post. It is almost not noticeable most of the buttons. I propose to change its color to white or any other.
    That's what Im talking about.

    At this point in the game I only annoying thing: a strange physics of bodies. I hope that this will be fixed.
    Well, there were still advertising the game.

    All. For now.
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    Soon I will add more ideas. Here just my Archive.
    http://forums.atlasreactorgame.com/showthread.php?3804-SX-118-Abandoned-prototype. SX-118
    http://forums.atlasreactorgame.com/showthread.php?7284-Denessa-Cursed-Widow.-Support-Concept. Denessa
    http://forums.atlasreactorgame.com/showthread.php?3612-Fade-Firepower Fade
    My IGN: NinkPT#8272

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    Noxious. Freelancer Kit Concept.

    Name: Noxious
    Role; Firepower
    Health: 140.

    1. Poison Spit. Primal Ability. Blast
    • Deal 5 damage. Poisoning.
    • Poison: Deal 20 damage at end of next turn.
    2. Plasma Claws. Second Primary Ability. Blast
    • Deal 10 damage. Increase on 5, after every succeful hit. (Limit - 40 damage)
    • Poisoned target get SLOW

    3. Sinister strike. 4 turn Cooldown. Free. Prep
    • You can shoot \ Use Claws Twice in a row. Or use Claws+Spit.

    4. Poison Armor. 6 turns Cooldown.
    • Enemy who attacks you - Poisoned.
    • Heal on 10 per hit.

    5. Poison Nova. 100 energy. Prep
    • Poisoning every enemy around you. Poison damage now dont decrease. (2 turns).
    Summary Poison Damage

    No Intresting about mods (except Slow \ revealed and etc). But I think about it
    My IGN: NinkPT#8272

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    Kaigin Rework Idea
    Let's start with the most simple. Now a lot of hate Kaigin. . I agree. In this great champion of mobility, and rather heavy damage. But it is very fragile. Another reason to hate him - your teammate on it pretty useless.

    And pretty funny that the game he claimed to be a killer, but in fact, is pure butcher. Without sarcasm.
    There will be a small idea, for its processing.

    1. Twisting Blades.
    • While upheld, since it is necessary to think about the idea of ​​good. Namely - 30 damage to the chosen target and 20 standing close (radius of the whole attack is not changed).
    • Void Marked Target get an effect SLOW REVEALED.
    2. Razor Tempest. Cooldown 2 turns. Blast
    • All the same throws shurikens, but now their total damage will be equal to 25. Now, only that spell can Mark Target. That is to spend a good combination, you need to mark target by that Ability.
    • Deal damage to targets under Void Mark reset coodlown Razor Tempest.
    3. Void Strike. The same 4 turns cooldown Dash
    • Now jump on targer. But now without damage.
    • Deals 35 damage if the target has been marked.
    • But now, if the marked targed was killed instantly reset cooldown on that ability. Kaigin, shall deal damage in target 40 or more damage.
    4. Shadowstalker. Free. Cooldown 5 moves. Dash
    • Kaigin leaves in place a copy .. At the end of the next turn, Kaigin blink on this copy, deal 20 damage to all enemies near copy. Allow Ful Movement
    • If hit marked targed Kaigin get invisibily on 1 turn.

    5. Spectre of Death. Nearly. Now is a free action. Blast
    • All the same numbers of damage, but now is not Blink or Dash. Just AOE damage around Kaigin.
    The marked target, and an additional 10 damage and SLOWED.
    My IGN: NinkPT#8272

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    Fun Mode

    Double Fun

    Some buffs
    1. x2 Damage by Ability
    2. x1.5 Shield Power
    3. x1.2 Healh.
    4. All ability cooldown reduce by 2!

    Some nerfes:
    1. Heal work only on 50%. But Increase every turn on 10%. (Limit 150%)

    Need 10 Kills for Win!
    No Round Limit
    Ban System (Yep)
    My IGN: NinkPT#8272

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    Begard. Immortal.
    1. Name: Begard
    2. Role: Frontier (tank)
    3. Health: 150

    1. Absorb. Blast
    • Melee.
    • Deal 25 damage in AoE.
    • Gain 5 Shields Per Enemy hit. If enemy was under shield \ barrier - Get an additional 10 Shields.
    • Gain 5 energy per hit.

    2. Masochism. 6 turns. Prepar. Free
    • 100% of the damage this turn are converted into Shields on the next turn.
    • Increase next ability damage on 1, per 10 damage.
    • Gain 15 energy.

    3. Its Show Time!. 5 turns. Dash
    • Jumps to the selected point.
    • Deals 20 damage.
    • Gets a shield of 50% damage done.
    • Gain 10 energy

    4, No Escape. 8 turns. Blast.
    • WEAK all nearby enemies, They can not run at more than 6 cells from Begard.
    • Gain 5 shields and Energy per enemy.

    5. Feel My Pain. Prep. Free. 100 Energy.
    • Mark the selected opponent. All received Begard damage is dealt to marked enemy.
    • Damage Limit: 90
    My IGN: NinkPT#8272

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    Oct 2016
    Now that is a tank I can get behind, Begard (interesting ring to the name) is bruiser sustainable tank which I would love to play in Atlas Reactor. One of his abilities, "Masochism" is a unique ability that I would say has no balancing issues, it all depends on the user's timing for the ability to ensure they can get the best use of it.

    And don't burn out yet Ninkarus, I wanna see more. Stay active in the community!

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    Thanks for Feedback c: I still have lots of ideas, but now I want to make a list with Conters. And it will take some time. c:
    My IGN: NinkPT#8272

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    Name: Maligant
    Role: Firepower (Assassin)
    Health: 140


    1. Trembling. Blast.
    • Deal 30 damage in small AoE.
    • Reduce cooldown on other abilities, If enemy Isolated.
    • Isolatinon: No Allies near (5+ Cells)
    Gain 7 energy per enemy. Or 15 if hit Isolated target


    2. Intimidation. Blast. Free. 5 turns Cooldown.
    • Deals 35 damage at the end of the next turn, if nearby target her allies.
    • Isolated target only SLOWED and REVEALED
    Gain 10 Energy


    3. Fear me. Dash. 6 turns Cooldown.
    • Charge to the selected location.
    • Hit the first target on way.
    • Deal 20 damage.
    • Deal additional 15 damage and SLOW Isolated target
    Gain 12 energy


    4. Do not Hide my Dear. Prep. 5 turns.
    • REVEALS all Isolated Target and mark them.
    • If Maligant hit marked target, he recover 15 health per hit. and deal additional 15 damage
    • Limit: 3 hits or 3 turns.

    Gain 5 energy per Revealed enemy. Gain 5 energy per hit.

    5. Welcome to my world. 100 energy required
    • CONSTERNATION All enemy.
    • Enemy cant see each other until they come into vision range.

    Consternation: Reduces opponent vision to 4 cells. on 2 turns. Enemy cant see each other until they come into vision range.
    My IGN: NinkPT#8272

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    Oct 2016
    Yes, Maligant has pure focus on vision which is an underestimated importance of survival in Atlas Reactor. His kit proves him to be useful for an assassin which does not rely on bursts of damage but a constant chipping at the enemy's health pool. But what weapon is Maligant using while he fights?

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    I think about a for melee.
    When you are near to isolated target, it begins to change color. Or Glowing.
    My IGN: NinkPT#8272

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