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Thread: TMI - Too Many Ideas. Freelancer Concpets and etc.

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    Role: Universal (New Role)
    Name: Jexert
    Health: 155

    1. Sklent. Blast
    • If 2 or more squares away:
    • Throw Dagger and Deal 24 Damage to first enemy.
    • If close:
    • Deal 28 damage in small aoe and SLOW enemies.

    Deal additional 7 damage, If backstab

    Gain 10 energy if Throw. Gain 8 energy per enemy hit if melee.

    2. Joke fool. Prep. 6 cooldown. Free
    • Choose an ally. After the blast phase, he will get invisibility, and leave a self-copy.
    • First enemy who hit copy, get marked and REVEALES.
    • Mark: Activate that ability again to jump behind marked enemy and Deal 20 damage
    A copy disappears after the first hit, but blocks it.
    Enemy dont see cast animation and cooldown for that ability.

    Gain 10 energy. Gain 10 additional energy after jump

    3. Taunt. Blast. 5 cooldown.
    • Mark all enemies around Jexert.
    • If he got more than 60 damage in this turn, he reduce all cooldowns on 2 and restore 50% of taken damage,

    Gain 5 energy per 15 damage

    4. Are you even trying? Dash. 7 turns cooldown.
    • Disappears from this world, until the end of Blast phase.
    • Deal 20 damage when return in small AoE.
    Gain 10 energy. Addition gain 5 energy per enemy hit

    5. Illusion or Reality?. Prep. Requires 100 energy. Free.
    • Choose Ally. At start of next turn, become to choosen Ally.
    • With current Health And Cooldowns.
    • You can use all abilities (except for ulti)
    • But If you Die in this form - you die too
    My IGN: NinkPT#8272

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    Impressive art style, kinda reminds me of the weapons from AdventureQuest.

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    Non-Stop Watch mode.
    • No Plan Phase. And all the moves is really happening at the same time.
    • Because now it looks like a turn-based strategy. First move Lockwood, then Celeste and etc. But I think you know what I mean.

    Just like a concept.
    • I got your back, and front: While playing Helio Succefully block 300 or more damage by shielding your Friends in one game.
    • Reward: Title: Helping Hand.

    • Calculated : Survive with less that 10 health twice in a row in one game.
    • Reward: Title: A Favorite of Fortune

    And etc....
    My IGN: NinkPT#8272

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    Duel Mode

    First Map:

    Second Map

    • Two Kills to Win.
    • 10 Rounds to Sudden death.
    • No catalysts.
    My IGN: NinkPT#8272

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    Post New trust: Lars

    I apologize for the long time without ideas. Just come up with a huge project. And I think, now describe it. And yes, please find an error in the text, because Google



    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______


    For a long time, these were only rumors about an organization that is looking for anyone who has a little power, and wants to benefit, but can not do it for one reason or another.

    Trust sought out such people, lonely, abandoned, orphaned, and recruiting. No one would look for them. Unfortunately for the organization, they will sooner or later had to reveal himself.

    During the Great War, they were looking hard rannenyh, but of the living, and also picked up. Just once, their base, almost uncovered, but the timely reaction of the leader, had saved them. They were still not strong enough.

    Despite the fact that the organization looks like a utopia, it is not so simple. To ensure that all food, equipment and medicines, Trust robbed of their nearest neighbors by cutting them any connection with the outside world. But the resources have come to an end property. And when that day came, the corporation has moved into action.

    Their invasion was quite unexpected, and so they occupied a large part of the city. They destroyed any military force that will be on their way. To everyone's relief, they were not butchers or monsters. Despite the resentment, they did not touch civilians. Even if they resisted.

    Soon, the leader himself made contact with the authorities, saying that it will stop its offensive if they are to give all what needs trust.

    Before the government fell the difficult decision to agree or to collect the rest of the force to counter attack, but it must be done as soon as possible, because the recruitment is still ongoing
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _
    I know it's a little, and in general not too canon, but I'm not good at like that, but I hope it will understand what a trust
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _

    What choose:
    • Conter Attack
    • Agree

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _

    __________________________________________________ _________________________________________
    Since the project is very large, and for each character an individual approach is needed, I will be adding new pieces of information. While the image and leave the names of all those who will be added soon
    __________________________________________________ _____________________________________
    My IGN: NinkPT#8272

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    Who is who in Trust?


    Lore: He and three of his friends, constantly subjected to harassment and persecution, wherever they went. All the matter in the Lars. Its ability were not mutations, but it has not been created mechanically.

    He was born that way. His parents were not scientists, just ordinary people, whom full of the world. Or hiding something from him?

    Initially, its capacity to the people rejoice, he created birds or copies of people. He's got friends, among whom there were three of them, which he did not try to leave for a moment.

    But then, everything changed. Someone destroyed one of the military depots, and at the crime scene were just dead. And turquoise fragments

    In justification Lars, nobody paid attention, that he Lars was always the center of attention that day, and he had to run, like his friends, who came under hot hand. What happened to the parents - unknown.
    Believing that there is the same as he is, he began to look for them. But he was looking for and those who despised. Refuge for them was an abandoned laboratory to the old times. And it all started ..
    __________________________________________________ _________________________________________________
    Ability and Etc.

    Role: Universal.
    Health: 140
    __________________________________________________ _________

    1. Im with you. Prep
    • Increase the damage dealt by Allies at 5 until end of this turn
    Gain 3 energy per Ally.

    2. Delusion. Prep. Free. 1 turn Cooldown.
    • Create self copy.
    • Copy have 35 health
    • Copy can block enemy attacks and get shielded \ healed.
    • Lifetime - 2 turns.

    Gain 7 energy

    3. Believe in Me. Blast . No Cooldown
    • A copy of the fires in the selected direction.
    • Dealing 20 damage and resotore 15 health nearest ally.
    • Damage and Heal can stack

    Gain 10 energy per enemy hit.

    4. Overseer. . Prep. 4 turns cooldown.
    • Launches in selected place owl.
    • Owl have a big vision range.
    • All noticed enemies revealed.

    Gain 4 energy per enemy

    5. Enquality. 100 energy. APrep-Blast phase (Work Like a Zuki Ulti)
    • At the end of the turn, the health of all Freelancer on the map, will be equal to their average value .
    • It does not work on those killed in this turn.

    (At start in this turns. 2 enemies and 2 teammates have 50 health, 2 allies and 2 opponents have 100 health. After this ultimate, their health will equal 75.).
    My IGN: NinkPT#8272

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    Role: Frontline
    Health: 270 (His ability will consume health)

    1. Consume. Blast
    • Deal 35 damage around Atea.
    • Consume 10 health per Enemy.
    Gain 5 energy per enemy hit. Energy gain is twised, If Atea health lower than 50%

    2. Sacrifice. Prep. Free. 1 turns cooldown.
    • Sacrifice 30% of current health.
    • Gain Shield equal x2 Sacrificed health
    • Gain 4 energy per 15 health.

    3. Oh, dont hide.. Prep. 5 turn cooldown.
    • The first enemy who hit Atea will be teleported to him.
    • (If enemy more than one - teleport who deal more damage than others)
    • Consume 15 health.

    Gain 10 energy.

    4. Protective Matrix. Dash. 7 turns cooldown.
    • Dash forward and hit first enemy on way.
    • Deal 20 damage.
    • Gain 8 shield per enemy near
    • If Atea have less than 50% health - Shield twiced
    Gain 5 energy per enemy near.

    5. Just the Beggining. Blast Phase. Require 100 energy.

    • Passive: If Atea die, having 75% of the energy, He instantly comes to life on the site of his death with 50% health. It works no more than once in a single life.
    • Active: All damage taken is heal you.
    • But no more than 120 health.
    • Other Damage converted to Shield
    My IGN: NinkPT#8272

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    Role: Firepower.
    Health: 100 (He will drain health from enemy.)

    1. Dark Word of Pain. Blast.
    • Deal 20 damage around yourself.
    • Heal on 5 per hitted enemy.
    Gain 5 energy per enemy

    2. Shadow Word. Prep. 1 turn cooldown.
    • If you deal more than 50 damage in next turn, you will healed on 30.
    Gain 15 energy If healed.

    3. Dark Word of Hunt. Dash. Free. 8 turns cooldown.
    • Teleports to the back of the selected enemy
    • Deal 15 damage around Rean.
    • If Enemies more than 2, deal additional 20 damage.
    • Cooldown Resets when enemy dies.

    Gain 8 energy per enemy

    4. The Last Word. Prep. Free. 4 turns cooldown.
    • Scramble and Reveales chosen enemy.
    • Rean Deal Additional 5 damage to this Enemy,

    Gain 10 energy

    5. Dark Word of Death. Blast. 100 energy required.

    At next turn:
    • Reset cooldown on Dark Word of Hunt.
    • IYour abilities deal 10 more damage.
    • All your ability to become Free.
    • Heal on 10 per 20 damage.
    My IGN: NinkPT#8272

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    Actually, the one thanks to whom the Trust Lars have such power.
    He is a genius, his parents were scientists, and often teach their child mixing mechanism with a living organism. He found the abandoned laboratory. With the help of the documents found in the parents room.

    There was a pile of abandoned scientific equipment and materials. Sant began with a simple - implants for lost limbs. After, I started to create their own robots, which were created for materials research. He then began an almost complete human mechanization, but Lars is stopped and forbidden to engage in such other. Therefore Sant began experimenting on himself.

    After the demonstration of mechanization advantage over the flesh, Lars allowed to do experiments on the other, with the condition that it will be on a limited scale. The first volunteer was Atea.

    Atea received a mechanical arm capable of creating powerful charges. Same. thanks to the introduction of nano-mechanisms in the skin, Atea received the incredible endurance and strength. But this force had to pay. Whenever Atea, used his power, he felt a lot of pain, and his face turned into a horrible grimace.

    Sant has created a mask to hide what happened to Atea. He introduced a special solution, which allow Atea not feel pain, and even the rise, being mortally wounded. For this he paid with his other hand.

    Now Atea continues his experiments to create the perfect soldier, but these experiments, hidden from the attention of Lars. Almost all the trust has improved by Sant

    Role: Universal
    Health: 155

    1. Laser Beam. Blast.
    • Sant: Deal 20 damage on the line.
    • RS-1: Deals 25 damage in four directions.
    Gain 10 energy first hit. 4 energy per additional hit.

    2. Protective Shield. Prep. 3 turns cooldown,
    • Sant: Shield yourself on 30
    • RS-1: Shield yourself and all near allies on 25
    Gain 1 energy per 5 blocked damage

    3. Target Confirmed., Free.Prep-Dash. 4 turns cooldown,
    • Only when RS-1 active.
    • Choose target in Prep phase, If she closer than 5 after move phase, RS-1 Jump on her, in Dash phase,
    • Deal 30 damage and Heal RS-1 and Sant on 15
    Gain 12 energy when Hit.

    4. Activate it. 5 turns cooldown when RS-1 Die,
    • Sant: Summon RS-1.
    • RS-1: Move RS-1 (Like a your Freelancer). Free Action

    RS-1 health: 150.
    RS-1 take on 20% less damage from AoE abilities
    Gain 10 energy when Summon

    5. A Time has come., Blast. Need 60 energy for activate and 20 energy per used ability. 3 turns cooldown,
    • When activated, Reduce all remained cooldowns on 2.
    • Integrates with the RS-1 receives a shield equal to 50% RS-1 to the current health and Improve all abilities.
    1. Laser Beam: Deal 35 damage in 4 direction and SLOW all hitted enemies.
    2. Protective Shield: Shield all Allies and yourself, Shield = 45
    3. Target Confirmed: Increase range on 4.

    Ability dont gain energy, while ultimate activated. Use ultimate again, to turn OFF it.
    My IGN: NinkPT#8272

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    Universal Role

    In the game three roles

    But there is still a hidden role - Universal.

    I believe that the game needed freelancers, capable of performing several roles at once. But while keeping balance. That is, they are good for their role, but it can act under a different role.

    Or they can perform multiple roles. Let a little worse if they fulfill each role individually.


    In this role, only one explicit representative - Helio.

    • His main role - Support.
      Helio weakens opponents, strengthens allies, capable of using shields to save wounded allies, giving them time to make an action that can lead the team to victory. He copes with Support-Role

    • But at the same time, it can be of Frontline. He has a good stock of health. He have 3 shields (excluding shield on Black hole - 4). He can easily controls the enemies, not allowing them to go away, or causing them to beat him. But Helio really did not have ability to get closer to the opponents and can be easily Kited.

      Summary Shields: 120-140. +30 Turtle Tech. Its a lot!
      1. Blast Shield - 60 (x2)
      2. Battleforged - 60.
      3. Black Hole - 10-20
    • Helio can be Firepower have 4(!) ability, which deal AoE damage. He have Free-Action might (Mod on Blast Shield). But all damage-abilities have small range, its make problem for dealing damage.

      Maximal Damage (4 enemies):
      Without mods: 406.
      1. Echo Hammer: 22+12x3 (58)
      2. BlackHole: 10x4 (40)
      3. Wall of Pain: 25x4 (100)
      4. Battleforged: 26x4x2 (208)

      With Mods (Ironclad, +3 damage on Echo Hammer): 522 (With Might: 650.5 (!))
      1. Echo Hammer: 25+15x3 (70)
      2. Blackhole: 10x4 (40)
      3. Wall of Pain: 25x4 (100)
      4. Battleforged: 26x4x3 (312)
      5. +Might: 130.5

      (Btw, Lockwood Maximal Damage with mods: 506.)
    Some Helio Screenshots
    Game Need more Universal Role Freelancers?
    My IGN: NinkPT#8272

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