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Thread: Someone's opinion on Phaedra?

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    Someone's opinion on Phaedra?

    Of all the frontliners I only feel like playing Phaedra. She is just so fun!

    But I'm under the impression she isn't as impactful as other tanks. Sure her damage and healing can get pretty ridiculous, but I want to be sure.

    TY on advance

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    She's the only frontliner I don't suck epically with ^^
    No hard control, but her range and ability to ignore walls make her extremely flexible. Putrid Swarm is also very powerful when you know your targets are going to dash.
    I'd say she's amongst the top frontliners right now. For some reason she doesn't seem very popular, though.

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    I don't know why more people don't play Phaedra.

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    i reached plat V playing Phaedra.
    my opinion about her?

    She can take/deal A LOT of damage.

    you can reach your enemies' back line easily as her dash bursts through walls.

    If you caught enemies with your ultimate, most of the times, it will force them next turn to dash out.

    The fact that her basic skill ignores cover make it PERFECT ability to spot out unseen enemies.

    I don't think she's "isn't as impactful as other tanks"
    TIP: You can put the "root" mod on her dash as it will root players if they had the bug spray when you dash on them.
    EXAMPLE: If you're somehow sure that the enemy will dash away, spray the prep bugs on them. Next turn, if you know where the enemy went, just dash to them and they will be rooted for your team to take them out.

    Good luck my friend. Hope to see you in game.

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    Phaedra is quite strong IMO. Perhaps what's you're feeling is less about being able to win the game, and more about FEELING like you were a decisive difference.

    It's the same thing that makes Aurora feel slightly odd when you're new to the game. Distributing damage over multiple targets, distributing a heal over multiple turns, hurting enemy movement options - they're very strong abilities, but they're not in-your-face-flashy like a Zuki ult.

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    Ok i`ll be honest, saying that she ist impactful was more of a "trigger sentence" than an actual question, not only for people to give detailed info, but to evaluate the community.

    To say the least, Im pleased. TY a LOT for the advice BTW.

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    Phaedra is perhaps the most defensive of all the Frontliners. (Which I have to admit is odd given her design as a character) While most of the other Frontliners (bar perhaps Rampart) have huge health pools and sustain themselves via weak shielding/healing or (in Titus' case) weakening, Phaedra is almost entirely defensive in her Mending Swarm. Her and Rampart are the most "tanky" Frontliners while the other Frontliners feel more like buff Firepowers to me.
    But with that in mind she feels a lot like a support of sorts. Slows a plenty with her Putrid Spray, hit confirming through walls, and a massive movement-impairing ultimate. She's less of a damage dealer when compared to the likes of Garisson and Rask. But she definitely does do damage! With the right mods she can be a force to be reckoned with!

    Phaedra ultimately feels to me like a jack of all trades master of none sort of character. She has decent CC, decent damage, and decent tankiness. But she falls out in CC when compared to a lot of the other Frontliners (Garisson is the first to spring into mind, but basically everyone has much more reliable CCs than Phaedra), doesn't do nearly as much damage as the Frontliners I listed above, and fails massively when compared to brobot #1 Rampart in the tank department.
    But it's good to have a jack of all trades. Phaedra can fit into pretty much any team, and can fight pretty much any team. She can stay alive for long and deal good damage, which is what makes her strong.

    I really like Phaedra, don't get me wrong. She's probably my favorite Frontliner in the game. She just doesn't really have a defined role like the other Frontliners, which is perhaps why she isn't as popular.

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